a question about chloe patchwork tote

  1. Hi girls...I need your help with this bag. I want to know how it looks in real life for those who have seen or have it. Does the shape look similar to Louis Vuitton speedy or does it look like the attached picture


    The picture below is what I see in websites. I want to know what the shape of the bag please is. Is it like the pic above or the one below??? I like the one below. and if the bag is like the one above is it due to overuse of the bag what made the leather looks like this and changed the shape. Help me please to decide weather to buy this purse or not. I will be so graeful if u post pics of your bag

  2. I don't have this bag, but I have seen it IRL. It is very soft. So, un-stuffed, it probably looks like the first picture. The LV speedy sags also, unless you put cardboard in the bottom (I read about it in the LV sub-forum).
  3. Thanks a lot for your reply. Your response is so helpful. I think I will try to put cardboard in the bottom.
  4. The shape is right in the first picture, I have it in dark brown (moka) and I agree with kiss-p - it's really soft and the shape is not like on stock pictures (like the 2 last ones you posted). In my honest opinion it's prettier irl because of the softness...but it's just that I personally dont like stiff bags.
    There are also 2 sizes, the first one looks like the large one because mine is smaller... and the small one stays maybe a tad better in shape:p
  5. I think it looks great all smooshy like the first picture - BETTER than the more structured 'stuffed' pics.
  6. Glad to know that you have it and can see it IRL:drool:. I liked this bag a lot, but I have not heard any compliment around me. They all hate it because of its saggy shape. Can u please share a pic of your mocha patchwork so that I can take my final decision?:s I would be grateful if u post a pic while its worn