A question about Cape Cod and Boutique timeline.

Jun 16, 2008
Hello Fellow Hermes lovers,
i have a question to ask, my dad and I wanted to get a gift for my mom, so we went to Toronto Bloor Hermes boutique and ordered Cape Cod, the one with diamonds, i think it retails around 8,000, they asked us to leave a deposit, so i left them 4,000 dollars deposit, its now been over a month, i have called them twice and spoke to the same SA and he keeps promising to call me back with news and never does. I don't want to appear like a crazy customer, but its a lot of money and they refuse to give me a timeline. Did anyone has any experience like that? Do you know how long it takes to bring in the watch? Should i talk to another SA?
I am very confused, the gift is supposed to be for new year so i still have enough time, i just dont know what i am supposed to do? Should i just sit and wait for a bit more??
Thank you for any help!!! I am just very frustrated :cursing: and dont know what steps i should make.


High school H addict
Jul 7, 2008
Could you perhaps go in and ask? The Toronto location has a nasty habit of not returning calls (to me, at least...) Mention that it is a present and needs to be on time (pardon the pun...:roflmfao:). Perhaps they are doing a global search for it right now, and takes time to get it to them? :shrugs:


Aug 17, 2008
I would go to the store. I've not done anything like this, but I would definitely go to the store and talk to the SA or even the store manager if the SA doesn't know and can't help. I don't think it can hurt?