A question about Burberry.com

  1. In another post I have been trying to track down the name/style of a bag that I saw in a boutique at the Houston airport. I have seemed to track it down as a bag from the fall/winter 2006 collection. Also I believe it might be from a collection called mandalay. Yet, it is not on the Burberry site. Or any site. It only looks similar to bags I have seen from the fall/winter collection.

    If it is not on Burberry's site does that mean they are simply sold out. Should I be checking back daily? Vista wrote in another post that her newest Burberry bag just popped in there. And it was on sale or clearance. Is that normal for Burberry? I cannot spend $875 on a bag because I can't find it ANYWHERE else so I better buy this one. I feel so pressured to buy it. Thats not how you want to buy your baby! But, when I touched it in the airport I literally quit breathing for a few seconds. I don't understand why it is sooooo hard to find a bag. :crybaby:
  2. Hi, I gave you some details in a PM but here's another note, when Burberry sent me the shipping notice via email they did refer to the style of my new handbag as being from Mandalay line -- if there are any of the bags avaialbel in any of the boutiques in the country the 800 number will be able to track one down - these bags have been on sale and you may be able to catch a return or one still in stock somewhere so check that out before grabbing the one at the airport full price .. but these do seem to be great bags, the leather is sweet and maybe you'd even like one of the other styles just as well for half the price if they can find one of those so be sure to check before. I know the Houston Galleria had two of the Square backpacks in on Sunday when I was there so I bet some of the other boutiques still have the odd bag around. Good luck!