a question about azur and some happy dancing

  1. Okay, I don't own an LV (yet!) but I finally got my first paycheck from my new job last week and I put a wee bit of money in my makeshift "bag fund" box that I decorated. :p I figured that if I save $150 each month, I can have my Damier Speedy 30 by mid-January! (my goal was to have it by my 21st birthday in June, but the sooner the better..yes?)

    It's so nice to finally have some tangible proof that i'm well on my way to saving for a Speedy! :yahoo:

    I have a question! Probably in March or so of next year, i'm planning on buying a Damier Azur Pochette to use in my Speedy and then to use on nicer occasions where a smaller bag is better. So my question is...

    Would an Azur bag look goofy with a predominantly brown outfit? I'm shifting my neutral from black to brown, and I want to make sure that the pochette will look okay with anything I may pair it with. (example...maybe a brown sweater with some lighter khakis?..I never get REALLY dressed up, but it would be for an event like going to see a musical or something)

    I guess other than that, i'll be lurking in the LV forum for a few months and then expect a spectacular picture post in a few months when that Speedy is MINE!
  2. Good on you! IMO Azur looks great with almost any colour because of the cream.:yes:
  3. Yes, the cream goes well with anything, plus there are little flecks of this honeyish-brown in the design. Good for you for working hard for that LV!
  4. It will be so much more rewarding when you finally get the Speedy after all your hard work saving for it. I commend you for your diligence!!!!

  5. Haha, thanks! It's especially difficult for me because I really am a mini-Becky Bloomwood (from the Shopaholic novels). I realized I had a serious addiction...I mean I worked for a year straight and once I was unemployed I had NOTHING to show for it. All of my money was gone to Starbucks, magazines, little pieces of crap and I really didn't have anything tangible from that year of work. Talk about a rude awakening!

    Now i'm going to be much better! :wlae:
  6. Azur looks great with most colors, especially the browns, blacks, etc.
  7. Azur is very versatile....she looks great with everything :tup:
  8. I personally love how Azur and Mono Canvas look together, so yes, I think Azur looks great with Browns and other muted colors. :yes:
  9. the design, the color, the bag...everything about it says it will go well with ANYTHING...get it! get it! :smile:
  10. i think you should get it just to have it!!! haha i'm jk, but seriously, i think it'd go w/ just about anything :] i'm getting mine this saturday! i'm so excited i can barely focus on anything else!
  11. It will look great with whatever you are wearing!
  12. I'm going to go the polar opposite of everybody's comments and say that the Damier Azur Speedy is quite 'blah'*. Sure it's 'fresh' looking, but (to me) it just doesn't have the history behind it to really give it a 'soul' (if that makes any sense to anybody).

    I think LV should only have introduced Azur only on new designs/shapes, and not have made the classic Speedy available in it. I dunno... maybe I see the Azur Speedy on too many girls here in Sydney. But it doesn't have the same 'Wow, that's a stylish woman right there' effect on me that, say, a Monogram or original Damier Speedy does.

    *HOWEVER Azur hard-sided luggage is stunning, with the fresh, pale lozine framing it. It has an amazing, fresh, jet-setter-cool to it that other hard-sided canvases (even Multicolore) just don't.
  13. I don't necessarily think the Azur Speedy is "blah", but I don't think I would get one just because it doesn't seem AS timeless as the Mono or the Damier...however, I just want an Azur Pochette to use in my Damier Canvas Speedy and as a small "going out" bag sometimes.

    I just feel like I couldn't pull off Azur on a bigger piece.
  14. i agreed. i have the azur pochette and it works great on a casual bag and as a clutch in a bag. i'm not confident to buy a larger azur item. what i have now for azur are the pochette and cles. i must say i love the small azur items and treasure them more.
  15. I have the Azur speedy and I don't think there is a color that wouldn't look fab with it! As long as you aren't mixing patterns (plaids, polkda dots, stripes)with it, you will be fine! If you look at some of the LV threads you will see plenty of women wearing the azur with different types of outfits. Here's a pic I posted earlier showing how I wear my Azur.