A question about AW studs!

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  1. I've read many people talking about "cupcake" studs and "bullet" looking studs..:confused1:
    well... what's the difference??If you have some pics please post them!
    Thank youuuuu!!:flowers::flowers::flowers:
  2. Bullet:


    I guess the clues are in the words, lol!
    My personal preference is to the bullet studs. I think they just look much nicer, more expensive and better quality...Although i have bags with each type on...

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  3. There are three stud styles.

    Tri-ring style

    Cupcake style -

    The original bullet style first released in brass, silver for one season.


  4. We were posting at the same time!

    I'm pretty sure the cupcake style is the newest stud because it looks like a cupcake tin.
  5. Here is another view of the stud I refer to as the cupcake style:smile:

  6. thank you ladiesssss!!!
    my luggage rocco has got the cupcake's ones ehehe
    the bullet are the best!!!
  7. I think my favorite are the tri-ring studs.
    I have an ocean rocco with the cupcake studs coming from Barney's. I hope I like them better in person, they are my least favorite of the 3.
  8. Sorry boxer, you are correct. The way i upload photos it only allows me 5 so i uploaded the tri-ring instead of the cupcake by mistake, doh!
    I have a bullet Rocco and a tri-ring Rocco. No cupcake Rocco, lol!
  9. Ohhh I've just got enlightened: luggage do have cupcakes one.. while black/golden studs are like bulelts!
    My ex who works at luisa just told me so.. Idk!
  10. Yeah, the bullet studs are on the black bags now.
    I have a quilted luggage with the tri-ring stud. I :love: my calf hair AW mules.

    The ocean blue from Barney's has the cupcake. I hope the leather makes up for the studs or I'm sending it back!
  11. Boxermomof :greengrin::greengrin:
    Ocean blue rocco is TDF!:love::love:
    Btw cupcake studs are not that bad... ehehehe
    I love your picture...the mules:heart:

  12. OMG - I love your mules and your luggage Rocco boxermomof2!!! They're just stunning!!!
  13. The only thing that's stopping of buying the new color releases are the CUPCAKE style studs that he used, they look too cheap for me. I really prefer the bullet style, I was eyeing to get a Diego in Grey or Maroon next, but absolutely will pass for the cupcakes. I wish he'll change them back to the original or the tri-ring bullet style studs, they look more compact & solid.

    Oh well, no more AWs for me, if the new colors will have the cheap cupcakes.
  14. Hi girls i am new in here i really want to buy a AW bag so i was looking on Ebay i saw few bags only have 85 studs, does anybody know which one only has 85 studs ? I was not so sure if it was a Original....
    I mean the bags all looked alike coco or rocco

  15. What style studs? Coco and Rocco are the same bag, only the name changed.