A question about 3/4 sleeved jackets/blazers...

  1. I recently purchased this 3/4 sleeved wool jacket from Ann Taylor:


    Is it tacky to wear 3/4 sleeves during the winter once the snow starts flying? I love this jacket but I am afraid that the sleeves make it a fall only piece. What do you all think?
  2. The purpose for this trend is to layer.....in the winter, you wear a lightweight sweater underneath or some type of long sleeve. Nordstrom.com shows a lot of examples of the layered look. I love it!!
  3. Also, long leather gloves would look great with that jacket!
  4. Is it a coat or a blazer? If you wear it like a blazer, then you'll have a coat on top when you go outside so it doesn't matter. If it is a coat, I agree with the long gloves idea. Either way, I would wear it during winter.
  5. I think you can totally wear it! It's super cute!
  6. No way!! I love 3/4 sleeves, they're so upper east side. You can do some layering or wear it with long gloves if you're outside!
  7. It's actually a suit jacket/blazer not a coat - something I'd wear inside the office. I didn't call it a blazer because that sounded like something my grandma would say. :p

    Either way, it sounds like I can still wear it throughout the winter. If I could get away with it as a winter coat, as some suggested, I most certainly can pull it off wearing it inside all day.
  8. Actually, I wouldn't wear it in the office. But that's only because mine is super conservative (i.e. everybody wears BLACK suits). However, if yours is more business then I think it's a nice addition to your wardrobe.
  9. I actually really like it. Like others have said, long gloves would be very chic, or I'd put it with a sheer turtleneck with full length sleeves (Gaultier does a lot, not sure of anyone else though...), or even better a blouse with bell sleeves, paired with a knee-length pencil skirt. Definitely not a look for the office though once you get into layering, I think. I'd say it's appropriate when you don't have to cover your arms, but once that happens it's best to leave it at home for the work day :smile:

    Hope this helped!
  10. I have two coats with 3/4 sleeves and I wear long leather gloves with them. (And they look great!)

    Just look at Burberry Prorsum's A/W show and how they pair warm-looking coats with long gloves, I think it's definitely a style that is for the winter as well!
  11. I have a few 3/4 sleeved jackets and sweaters. I usually wear them with tight, long sleeve, solid colored shirts/turtlenecks underneath.
  12. I have a few 3/4 sleeved jackets and sweaters. I usually wear them with tight, long sleeve, solid colored shirts/turtlenecks underneath.
  13. I intend to wear mine with bell-sleeved shirts and flowy blouses. When it's cold enough (dammit, LA!).
  14. Yep, that is the trend....pairing thin sweaters, blouses, whatever underneath. People are also wearing gloves, but that wouldn't work indoors.
  15. I have two wool 3/4 sleeve jackets that I cannot get to look right. That being said, the suggestions here are wonderful. My first though was longer gloves, but I imagine it would be charming with short gloves too :tup: