A quart of water ..... in my purse

  1. I was at school today for an end-of-year concert. Took an extra water bottle since it is warm outside. Tucked it into my Tod's handbag which also carries my Chanel wallet. As I'm walking out to the car I thought it was raining until I realized it was water leaking from my purse.

    I am so upset I could cry a quart of water.

    I ran to the cobbler who is drying everything out for me. My Tod's bag is Tod's "orange" and you could see the water stains. As for the wallet I am hoping for the best. The girl behind the counter almost fell over when she saw what it was.

    My cobbler is an elderly man who wasn't too fazed by this and said everything would be ok. He said it would dry fine and he can buff everything out when it dries.

    Has anyone else had this experience?
  2. OMG! I am sorry! I just got out of my daughters concert at school too..but thankfully..I carried my water bottle..Let us know how you make out...
  3. Oh, how terrible. The man seemed confident that it would look okay, hope he's right! Good luck! Let us know what happens..
  4. Oh no! I hope your bag is going to be okay, please keep us posted!
  5. Aw! I'm so sorry to hear that. Dont worry! I'm sure everything will be fine :heart:3
  6. Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry to hear that. I left an open bottle of lotion in my bag before but it didn't stain my bag. I hope you can do something about your bag.
  7. OMG! Sorry that this had to happen!! Atleast the cobbler seems confident that all will be alright! Hope it works out for you!
  8. OMG! I'm so sorry to hear that! Hopefully it will be alright in the end.
  9. Oh My! I'm so sorry to hear what happened! I hope it turns out alright. If the old guy has a lot of experience, he probably knows best! Hang in there in the meantime!!!
  10. I've had that happen before.... but not in a leather bag! Thankfully all it killed was my cell phone and gave me an excuse to get a new wallet too hehe. It sounds like your cobbler was pretty confident, so I'd trust him! Tell us how it works out! I'm hoping for the best!!
  11. Thanks everyone. I am trying to remain calm and busy so I don't think about it. But.... I so miss my wallet. How weird is that?

    I should know on Saturday or Monday
  12. It should be fine...listen to the cobbler! I had a situation similar to your dilemma and it return to its origin form. Maybe I was lucky but, it was fine after it dried off completely...thank god, it was just water!
  13. some thing happened to me one week after i bought a new prada wallet.i had to throw it away, it was ruined.
  14. Sooooo sorry Maxter! Please let us know what happens with your bag.
  15. I'm so sorry to hear what happened, but i'm sure it'll be alll gooood

    I've had three experiences.

    A couple of years ago, someone knocked into me and my mocha spilt on my YSL flower purse... I took it to the cobbler, and it ended up being fine!!!

    This past monday, I opened a bottle of 7up and it squirted all over my floor, me, and my dior gaucho.. (i have the white one)... I was really really freaked out because i could see wet marks and I didn't know if it was going to dry because it's soda... Anyways, I put moisturizer on it immediately and it ended up drying fine.

    Then yesterday, I got caught in a bad thunderstorm. I was close to home, so I just ran... but my fendi honey wisteria spy was a little soaked. Nevertheless, I looked at it this morning, and it's fine.:yes:

    So I'm sure your purse will be fine, but keep us updated : )