A Purse themed bathroom???

  1. I LOVE interior decorating and design and each room in our place is themed and color coordinated. I'm hooked on the DYI network and all their decorating and design shows.
    Lately I've been itchin' to re-decorate our 1/2 bathroom.
    It's currently done up in a Shabby Chic look with burgandy and pink roses-
    My DH refers to it as the "Granny" crapper:confused1:
    We have two other bathrooms. The masterbedroom bathroom is made up in an Indian exotic monkey theme and the bathroom in the hallway is done up in a beach tropical motif. I was thinking about re-doing the 1/2 bath in some sort of purse decor.
    Since this is a forum for handbag lovers, I was wondering if anyone has a specific room decorated to reflect their love of bags?
    Any suggestions?
  2. No decorators out there?:huh:
    Maybe a purse themed bathroom is a lame idea?:blush:
    I'm tossing around the idea of maybe matting and framing a few pics of my "dream" bags and using them as focal points- Large pieces. And then maybe choosing colors that compliment the pics....or I could do the pics/pieces in black and white,....hm antique black and white.... but that may appear abit sterile if I'm not careful.....hmmmmmm. I could maybe do a Coach themed bathroom, since that appears to be my latest bag fetish.
    Now that would be cute.:heart:
  3. Maybe do a purse inspired decor instead of actually putting up logos. What's your favorite bag? Use the color(s) of that as inspiration.

    Or, paint the walls a Tiffany & Co. blue and then use white towels and soaps and silver accessories.
  4. Now that would make a really cute bathroom theme!
    The colors are perfect.
    Great idea!!!
  5. I agree with Caitlin1214.

    The first thing that came into my mind was wallpaper and how much I hate wallpaper.

    I think using colors is a really good idea. On of my favorite bags is a dark maroon color with a very nice deep brass hardware. I would definitely use that on something. But in a bathroom you might want to go light, fresh, and clean! :smile:
  6. Mine really isn't purse themed, I just have accent towels with a little black dress, makeup items and a purse on them. Plus a matching clock, hatbox, small vase with artificial pink roses etc. but it's a general pink/black scheme.

    As for my actual room, I do have my LV pochettes hung up on crystal knobs, I use them as wall art lol.
  7. Go check out the bathroom in a Brighton store if you can. Even if you don't like the bags, their bathrooms are always really cute - and purse themed!
  8. my husband wouldnt like that at all, nor would i like it if he went with an airplane theme in one of the bathrooms (he and my son love airplanes)

    our bathrooms are pretty neutral, don't really make a statement

    but, if your guy is cool with it..then go for it!
  9. :tup: I really like this idea!!

    I don't really have any of our bathrooms "themed"... however you could use your favorite handbag as inspiration.
  10. I myself like to decorate around a nice piece of art. There is this beautiful painting (3 paintings to make one) called Lady Louis Vuitton on eBay item number is: # 320034409442 which I think is stunning. I could see something like this being a focal point and then just working off the colors and putting it together. I don't think a powder rooms needs a lot of clutter because it is small and you can make a statement with less is more.
    I also loved the idea of the Tiffany bathroom and I could see a poster of Audrey Hepburn from breakfast at Tiffany's hanging in the room. But that is going away from a purse theme.
    My friend did a powder room years ago with the Marrilyn Monroe poster Chanel #5, she had a art decor thing going on and it really was nice.
    Good luck, I love to decorate.
  11. I would like to see pics of what you end up doing after!
  12. Oh wow, I love the Tiffany and Co idea!!!! :yahoo:Actually, I'm moving into my new apartment soon and I was looking for ideas.... a T&Co bathroom would be delightful!!! I think I'm gonna borrow that idea too and see what comes out of it! :nuts:

    And gilliana, I love your ideas! I'm actually doing an Old Hollywood inspired living room (as I have black&white vintage furniture from my grandparents, and several frames of James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, etc), I just love decor inspired from that era :nuts:

    StinkyMonkey: if you want other ideas that are more "purse" inspired, perhaps you could buy decorative things from your favourite brands and use a well-known colour scheme (for example the Canvas LV colours, or Hermes orange) to complement it. ;)
  13. Thanks for all your input guys:tup:
    I'm REALLY digging the Tiffany's idea.:heart:
    I think it will look adorable:yes:
    And besides, it may give my DH subliminal messages and ideas for Holidays and Anniversaries?:graucho:
    PROJECT!!!! fun, fun, fun!
    I will most definately post pics of the finished work.
    Stay tuned.................
  14. That's kind of the same idea as mine. I :heart: it!
    I just have a couple of accent towels and a cute gardenia scented shimmer dusting set that my friend got me for Christmas-it matches perfectly!