A purse organizer for your Celine? Please tell us!

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Do you use a purse organizer in your Celine?

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  1. I wanted to ask all of you with a Celine bag, do you use a purse organizer in yours? I was interested to find out how many of you actually have one, because given the wide bottom surface of my Phantom I felt I should order one to keep everything in its place. I normally do not use an organizer - the pockets and compartments provided within most handbags have been sufficient. I guess that in the end, it comes down to my own preference, but as I saw some of your minis/trapeze/phantoms with and without organizers (i.e. samorga and cameleon which also double as shapers?) I thought your input would be helpful. Please tell us: 1) if you use an organizer (poll); if 'yes', why and which brand you recommend. If your answer is 'no', please also tell us why. TIA!

  2. Hi
    I use samorga, it help to organise my things in my micro luggage & trapeze
    I always carry with me cosmetic bag, reading eyeglasses, big wallet, iPhone, two kind of refill perfume, cellphone portable charger, keychain, pen & small notebook

    all these things need to organised to make me feel comfortable when i carry them with me all the time,

    I choose samorga because of :
    first..they recommend this bag here in TPF
    second.. I like all these pockets in samogra insert bag
    finally.. my experience with samogra encourage me to buy from them in near future, (good quality, nice package, quick shipping)

    good luck ;)
  3. Thanks for your input! :smile: I agree for a wide bottom like trapeze and phantom, I agree it's easier to find things with an organizer - and it will prevent the bag from 'bowing' as I've seen. I got a quote on custom order from Samorga and it was going to cost around $50 (with tax and shipping I think).
  4. Thanks for your response! I don't carry nearly as much but I'm always reaching for my keys so it's essential I can grab them easily. I was looking at samorga's selections and they seem very well made. What material is yours?

  5. this is the one I choose:


    you can choose any color you like from there shop and they will customise it for you, here are they:


    this my samorga bag, I think the material made of light weight polyester


  6. i bought a samorga insert for my mini. i'm used to having pockets inside my bags to keep all the small things organized, and i wanted something that would act as a barrier between my things and the gorgeous lining. other plus is i had read on TPF that many use theirs as a shaper, so seemed like a good idea. also makes it easy to switch between purses - i just pull out the entire insert and move it into my phantom when i want, not a perfect fit but works!
  7. Thanks for posting pics of your samorga! I was looking at the felt one - thought it might be more - 'stiff' and a better shaper - but costs more than the poly. I will look into the poly.:smile:
  8. Hi t_lo! That's so funny the same thing crossed my mind - I was thinking I didn't want my keys scratching the gorgeous suede on the inside! LOL I think I need a barrier for sure!

    My other dilemma was what size to order because initially I got a quote for a phantom size, but like you said, if I want a more versatile insert to fit smaller bags too it would be the mini size. I like that idea better! :smile: Thanks so much for the tip! :P
  9. i'll find my order from etsy and let you know what size i ordered!!

    and YES my keys were exactly what i was scared of lol :biggrin:
  10. Is it the mini size that's offered in their online store?
  11. yes, C3 - felt organizer for Celine mini luggage (W 11.8in H 8in D 6.3in). ships from South Korea but it came really fast!

    pic below. as you can see it fits perfectly, nice and snug in the mini. in the phantom there is some space on the sides but still serves its purpose!

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  12. Awesome! How much room is left on the sides in the phantom? Marginal?
  13. not very much at all, more on the sides (wings) than anything. i'll take a pic for you when i get home tonight!
  14. as promised - same C3 samorga insert in my small black croc embossed phantom :smile:

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