A purse collector's must have?

  1. What are bags that a purse collector must have in their collection? For me it's a Speedy and a Chanel classic caviar flap bag. What do you ladies think?
  2. I definitely agree on a Chanel caviar flap bag or 2.55, both so classic, and both have been calling my name for a while. *sigh* Birkin is an obvious purselover's dream, but I'd like to add not-as-obvious bags as well, like the Gucci Horsebit and YSL Mombasa.
  3. Hermes Birkin/ Kelly
    Chanel 2.55
    Monogram Speedy
  4. Yes, I agree on the Chanel bag and the LV Speedy. Even though it has been overdone, I'd say the Fendi Spy, a Balenciaga bag, a Bottega Veneta hobo perhaps.
  5. Hermes Kelly
    LV Speedy
    Chanel Flap Bag
  6. In my closet (and special thanks to my Mother who had great taste and handed down a few of her lovely things):

    LV Speedy (almost 25 years old and still going strong...thanks Mom)
    Gucci Jackie O
    Chanel Classic Flap
    Hermes Birkin (NOT a bag I own but that I covet....someday...)
  7. My list is quite long:

    Mono Pochette
    Mono Alma
    Mono Speedy

    Gucci Jackie O
    At least one Chanel bag (Classic Caviar or Cambon)
    At least one Fendi
    Coach shoulder bag (for "beating" around)
    Coach wristlet

    That would make a good starter collection :nuts:.....and eventually an Hermes Birkin
  8. Classic flap bag Chanel (caviar)
    Gucci large/medium hobo
    At least one Fendi
    At least one Marc Jacobs
  9. Yes,I agree on the Chanel and Speedy. But I would also add the Gucci large/medium hobo, a Dior( I'm a big fan), a Prada and a Chloe Paddy. And like fr2nc1z said, at least one Fendi, one Marc Jacobs and the list can go on and on.
  10. bebe - that's a cute avatar!

    Chanel flap
    Hermes Kelly/Birkin
    YSL Mombasa
    Gucci Hobo
    LV something, I don't think it matters what it is
    Fendi Zucca print something
    Balenciaga City
    MJ Blake
    BV - anything
  11. Thank you so much addicted. And I love your collector's list. You truly live up to your name.
  12. As a collector of various things myself, I feel people should purchase what they love without regard to the perceived value others might place on the item. If you love it, that's all that matters--cheap, expensive or anywhere in between.
  13. THomas Wylde Skull bags!! I LOVE IT !
  14. Hermes Birkin and Kelly
    Chanel black classic flap in caviar or lambskin
    Chanel tote bag
    Gucci Jackie bag
    Gucci Boston bag
    Bottega Veneta ball bag
    Dior saddle bag
    Dior Lady Dior bag
    LV Speedy 30 in monogram canvas
    LV from epi line
    LV from Suhali line
    Balenciaga City bag
    Judith Leiber evening bag
  15. I must sound like a broken record by now, but the Celine Boogie bag seems like a must-have. Pretty funny for me to say that, since I don't have the "classic" style Boogie bag myself. :P