A Purse Ban Doesn't Count Accessories!!!!

  1. Well, I know I said 2008 was gonna be all about the accessories....but I decided to get a head start!!!! Wonder what I got?? :confused1: Nothing major....jus' a lil sumthin, sumthin...:graucho:
    Accessories.jpg Accessories2.jpg
  2. dont keep us guessing.
  3. Wow, only one person is interested in what I got? :sad: Must be a slow night. Cherry Pie, I won't keep you in suspense any longer....here they are!

    First up, the mono credit card holder.
    CCHolder.jpg CCHolder2.jpg
  4. Second...the Trunks & Bags Agenda. Can't wait to go to Staples or Office Depot this weekend! (oh yeah and please excuse my nail polish in the 3rd pic....I was picking at it all day!)
    TBAgenda.jpg TBAgenda2.jpg TBAgenda3.jpg
  5. Oh I love both! The agenda is so cute - congrats!
  6. Enjoy your new accessories !!!!
  7. Thanks guys! I'm so excited!
  8. Congratulations!!!
  9. Aww.. cute ! And you're right, they aren't purses so it's not part of the ban.. :graucho:
  10. love the agenda!

    definitely doesn't count as part of the ban!
  11. Cute purchases! :nuts:

    I'm loving that T&B Agenda.

  12. Congrats on your new accessories!! that agenda it too cute, I think I'm gonna add it to my wish list. Enjoy!
  13. I totally agree that accessories don't count! :graucho: I love your new agenda
  14. Congratulations!
  15. I love the title of your thread! There's always something out there, and I LOVE accessories. Your agenda is great!