A problem


@LV Princess@
Dec 10, 2005
Ok so i just went to order a new suede Onatah yellow bag from LVUK and they have a technical problem on the payment bit - it says to try again later. has anyone else tried to order anything from them tonight and had this problem.

TIA :suspiciou
^^^ Not tonight, but that happened to me when I first tried to order my Speedy. Did you use a Switch card - they couldn't process those at all when I ordered - had to borrow my mum's Visa. Try ringing the customer service number, they're usually pretty helpful. But check and make sure your order didn't go through - I did, they told me it hadn't, I ordered another and ended up with two. :weird: So your best bet is to call and check with them.
OMG I am so going to cry - i actually really really want the new charm pouchette and have the money and everything to hand but only have a switch ... and my mum and dad wont let me use their CC ... I dont know what to do :sad: