A preventative measure tip - to keep your images from being stolen in auctions!

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  1. A lovely lady sent me this tip last night when my auction was stolen yet again. It basically keeps your photos from easily being able to be saved (you won't be able to right click and save) - I don't know how affective it will be against those evil scammers, but anything helps! Enjoy, and I hope it works!

    It's very easy to setup. Just copy and paste the following Javascript between the <head> and </head> section of your own html.

    // No rightclick script v.2.5
    // (c) 1998 barts1000
    // barts1000@aol.com
    // Don't delete this header!
    var message="Sorry. This image is copyright make sure you insert your own username/watermark here."; // Message for the alert box
    // Don't edit below!
    function click(e) {
    if (document.all) {
    if (event.button == 2) {
    return false;
    if (document.layers) {
    if (e.which == 3) {
    return false;
    if (document.layers) {
    // --> </script>
  2. Unfortunately they can still easily get your image by doing a screenshot. That might fool some of those dirty scammers though...it's better than nothing!
  3. I use the IWatermark software, to "watermark" all my photos. I believe it was only $29.95 ... well worth the price of NOT having your pictures stolen!
  4. THANK you mimz (and CeeJay) for these helpfull tips - I appreciate it very much :yes::love:
  5. Yeah, definitely - I have no idea how these scammers are doing this, but I assume they have created some sort of script that copies the auction in it's entirety (probably with the help of the "sell one like this" feature Ebay has created). It is worth a try, if the scammers are using a script - and their script doesn't go past this script then maybe it can help?

    Ceejay, unfortunately these scammers dont care at all if your photos are watermarked or not - they steal regardless! :censor: :sad:
  6. Need to try it next time! Thanx Mimi! I had to report 8 listings that had my eggplant photo today!
  7. no problem! It's my pleasure to post, but I definitely wouldn't have known about it if someone didn't bring it up to me! ;) Thanks to her too!

    Yeah Perc, it's so frusterating - I had to report a ton of stolen auctions on my turq auction, it was just ridiculous.
  8. how about use the watermark

    "this bag is fake"? LOL.
  9. or how about "i am dumb for stealing FAYDEN's picture"

    or insert your name instead?
  10. ^ :lol: that could work too.

    I don't know if you'd want to use this bag is fake though - because it would be on your auction too! lol!
  11. well yeah that is true. i was thinking more like if they came here to steal the photos. because we would all know it is real. but ok stick to the i'm dumb line.
  12. how about a watermark that stated if the seller's name not the same with this watermark, then this picture is stolen?
    because when using mac, u can take screen shots by clicking command-shift-4, no click and drag needed.
  13. Oh Fayden ... that is SUPERB!!! I'm going to ask one of the technologist's that I work with ... what a RIOT! :lol: Can you imagine the scammer's face when they see that on the auction?!!? :yahoo: :nuts:
  14. yup screenshots are evil. you can pretty much copy anything.
  15. yup! i may start doing that. it won't be pretty but maybe it wouldn't get stolen otherwise? we can try it!