A pretty name for a girl..

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  1. How exciting! If our son had been a girl, his name would have been Emily Claire. :P
  2. I really like Ava,Lila (my name) lol, Heidi, Chloe, Ella, or Sydney. Comgrats and good luck on your pregnancy!!
  3. I like Amelia/Amelie (yes like the film), Lily, Rose, Elizabeth.....there's another one right on the fringes of my memory, but I can't recall it right now. That's gonna bug me.

    Congratulations you two!

    ETA: Oooh, Chloe and Olivia are pretty too.
  4. I like Athena , Rania, Catherine and Elisabeth
  5. I like the names Skye, Bella, Isabelle, sofia. I have a baby name book full of cool names. If you don't already one I suggest getting one, and taking it to the hospital with you .. Congrats btw, I wanted a boy at first but I love my little girl.
  6. I bet it goes well with your first!!! :P
  7. ^^^ Yup :biggrin:
  8. I like Athena, Elisabeth, Catherine and Rania
  9. Congrats! I like the name Charlotte Rose.
  10. I really like the name Kaori, and would probably name her that.
  11. Congrats! That's wonderful news :nuts:

    My favorite names for a girl are Adrienne, Gillian, Erin, Madeline and Elisabeth :biggrin:
  12. I have twin boys but when I was pregnant and unsure of their gender I was going to name one Lauren Rose. I just love that name. I also like the name Bailey and Taylor.
  13. my kids are all named after significant things that were going on during their year. My youngest daughter is Logan Christina, named after Boston, Mass (Logan Int Airport) and not because that is where she was conceived (everyone always thinks she's a mile high baby) but because I took my medical boards in boston and we said if I passed we'd have another one and if I failed I'd have to study.My other daughter is Mikaela Grace named after the fall of the wall when Mikael Gorbachev was in office. This was a very historical event 16 years ago. Both have middle names after their grandmothers. You still have time. Something special will happen and then you'll know that's what her name should be. Good luck and congrats to all those expectant mothers here.
  14. Congratulations!!! I love the names Charlotte Cecilia and Emma Grace.
  15. I like Elizabeth, Abigail, and Frances.