A pretty name for a girl..

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  1. Wow.. Thanks!
    I am excited on having a girl since. Initials are not important to us.. as long as the first and middle name blends well and it sounds pretty:lol: . THanks for all your suggestions.. keep it coming. My head is so foggy with this.
    oh, I am due in july.
  2. congratulations. when are you do? how are you feeling?
    my daughters' name is HannaH Rynae
    funny thing, she is now almost ten, but when she was 5, she decided she wanted to change her name to Olivia and would not respond unless she was called that. man, was she stubborn. thank God that phase did not last long.

    Emma and Isabella are popular now. I also like Julia.
  3. Danielle! lol, just kidding.

    I love the name Jessica, but it might be a little plain for some people. I've always thought the name Jessica Rose would be a pretty 1st/middle name combo.

    I also really like

    Kahlen, Kayleigh, Bree, Bridgette, Kaycee, and Chasey. :smile:
  4. Eva and Ella :smile: just thought of those.

    I might be on here asking the same question in 20 weeks :smile:
  5. How exciting!!!! I love the name Makenzie and Callie.
  6. My girl names are Kelsie, Ashley, and Kara. I also like Courtney but another family member took that name.
  7. I love Vivian or Audrey
  8. i just cared for a baby girl named audrey not too long ago. sooooo sweet and precious. i have been noticing more of the traditional names becoming popular again.:amuse:
  9. i like chloe, madeline, belle

    all french names!

  10. Oh, and I love the names Rose, May and Grace for middle names!!! They seem to go well with many first names!
  11. Congratulations Maxmara and BorsaBella!!!! That is so exciting! My favorite girl names are Ava Isabella (in fact, if I had a girl that was going to be her name- had a boy instead named Benjamin), Madison, Morgan, Natalie, Lindsey, Jane, Shea and Jessica. Jodan is cute too but really overdone where I live.
  12. Funny...my DH and I were talking about names if we ever had a girl and Adison came up. That's what we're going to use for the middle name. The first name would be Riley.
  13. I love the names Mackenzie Lee, Sydney Lauren.
    Thanks that was fun.
  14. A lot of votes for Emma. I :love: that name
  15. :lol: My middle name is Grace.:biggrin: