A pretty little BV

  1. I found this today at Saks. I'm sure it's an older bag. It was on sale for about 70% off. The SA said he found it in the storeroom, so it was probably a return. When I brought it home, even DH said "that's a pretty little bag". If anyone has information on it, like year it was made, please let me know. It is a limited edition bag (the inside silver plaque says limited edition) and has blue suede lining. The front and back have a beautiful floral design. The background on the front and back is gray and the floral design is black. The sides have hand-crafted black leather flowers sewn on. The strap is a woven chain in black. The bottom of the bag is woven black leather. I normally don't go for this style bag (too small and delicate). Even if I don't keep her, I thought y'all might like to see some pictures.
    HPIM0199.JPG HPIM0200.JPG
  2. its very pretty ! how big is that bag ?
  3. I don't know the exact measurements, but I was able to fit a small wallet, keys, cell phone and lipstick. It would make a nice bag for dinner enagements.
  4. ooh it's so cute & pretty.. how much is that?
  5. cutiekara - the original price was $2750. It was on sale for approx. $824.
  6. Very cute and unusual bag! I have no idea how old it would be--don't know much about the limited edition bags. You got a fantastic deal if you decide to keep it. Thanks for sharing!
  7. it's a beautiful and unusual bag, hope you decide to keep it
  8. OMG!!!! AMAZING!!! Congrats!!!
  9. Wow, what a gorgeous bag, kiss_p! It`s such a piece of art that I would definitely keep it!

    I think it`s from Fall-Winter 2005/06, that was the season with floral applications on the bags. Could even be the one that Caroline Amaral carries at the show:
  10. I vote to keep it. Not only is the price right but it's very unique. As you said, it would make a lovely evening bag.
  11. Although the bag is beautiful, I can't afford to keep her and not use her. I will be returning the bag to Saks, Tysons Galleria in Virginia, sometime this morning. I hope one of you TPF'rs gets her!
  12. Ahhh that's a shame because she is very cute - but if you won't use her then you are right to return her :tup:
  13. Wow...that is MAJOR! Pity you won't be keeping it.
  14. What a pretty little bag! Lovely details. This would be great for an evening out or cocktail event, paired with a clean line outfit. Love the chain strap.

  15. Very unusual. Unique. But for me, I would also return it if I can't justify keeping but not using it.