A Pretty in Pink Predicament

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    I am new to tPF and I need some solid advice from the well seasoned Hermes lovers :biggrin:
    What is the difference between Flamingo, Rose Japiur, and Rose Lipstick ( I LOVE pink if you couldn't tell :graucho:). I am obsessed with all three, and have decided I can't pass any of them up! However, I am going the reseller route and can't see the colors before hand, so I would love to know, are they too similar have all three? I know this will also depend on the leather, and I believe all are either togo or clemance. ANY advice or even a comparison photo of all three would be stellar!

    Thank you so much to everyone on tPF, you been so helpful already.

    LOVE :heart:
  2. If you have a store nearby go there and ask to see their swatches. Otherwise the reference link above is where you should start.
  3. Thanks ladies!
    I have checked out the purple/pink thread and that has helped a bit, its just difficult tell from pictures as the lighting is always different. I will try to make my way over to the Hermes store. I live in Vegas and didn't have the best experience at the Crystals location.Perhaps I will have better luck at the Encore store.
  4. If u are a true pink lover, I suggest out of those three colors, only rosé lipstick is a pink! Flamingo is kind of peachy pink! Rosé Jaipur look too red with hint of pink! So if u r looking for a real pink bag, then lipstick is all the way to go!!