a pressie from the space-fairy!!!

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
    Once upon a time,
    not so long ago....
    a cobbler named MJ created a magical bag called 'the single'.
    The bag was well loved and word spread round the country of it's quilted diamond chic and soft lambskin touch.
    They sold out far and wide, and MJ girls posted wonderful tales of their single bags and the love and fashion savvy-ness that came along...

    In a small cow-herding town of no fashion and gloom, there lived a girl named June. This lone girl sat at home and longed for one of these extra special bags...She imagined all the dragon slaying and CC swiping and shelves of bags at the mystical MJ boutiques. But sadly, she had no unicorn to get her to a boutique and no happy CC to charge....They were locked away deep in the deepest dungeons....

    One day, the lone girl June stumbled across a magical fairy of style awesomeness, who resided in the emerald city of NYC. The fairy was a space-fairy and was sitting in her apartment in despair. June asked the magical fairy what was wrong.

    "oh dear oh dear! There's a magical fairy-dust bag that I have been in search of forever and ever....it's a magical bag of dijon spices, gold spider-webs and rome....made of magical ostrich with hardware hammered by elves who live inbetween the rings of saturn. The lady who owns this bag as told me I must sacrifice one of my own magical bags....perhaps a few more....to obtain this rare rare bag of magic! please help me, lone girl June....what should I do? oh what should I do?"

    So june chatted back and forth with the magical space-fairy, about all the importance of magical fairy bags and MJ....

    Then the magical space-fairy lit up like a flash-bulb from a magazine editorial and thanked the lone June for all her help. Before flying off to claim her prize, the magical space-fairy left the lone June with a few kind words and also in return for her help, gave the lone June one magical wish for her good deed.

    "oh I long for the magic single bag, I have searched my town, through the herds of cows and unfashionable people and cannot find a trace of one anywhere. Pleas oh please, tell me where to find one! I would be forever grateful, dear space-fairy!" clamored lone June.

    "Well I have a magic box," spoke the space-fairy, with her my lil pony hair flipping in the fairy dust, "that has been passed down from purse-fairy to purse fairy....and has a magic history. Look for it express mail and your single quest shall be no more."

    And so lone June was met by the mail courier today, beholding the magical box of magic. She signed the deed with a golden pen, and the mail carrier said 'adieu'. And as June opened the box of magical magic, she thanked the magical space-fairy, hoping her dijon roma is as loved as this magic lil single.

    the end.


  2. Best. reveal. story. ever. :popcorn:
  3. Haha that is an awesome reveal story!!! Love it!
  4. :popcorn:A live one!
  5. wow, what a backstory! now let's see some more pics!
  6. [​IMG] Rapunzel, Rapunzel...let your mr. T chain hair extension down!
  7. You need to bind that story and do illustrations!! :nuts:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. im sure y'all are sick of single pictures, but truely...it's a gorgeous lil thing of a bag
  10. I LOVE the quilting, never anything as too many pics!
  11. [​IMG]

  12. greatest story ever!!! i agree with pm, print that book! the bag is tdf.... congrats on finding it!!
  13. Jun, this is beautiful! Where are your great modeling pics?
  14. the great modeling pics will have to be tomorrow....i've bee cooking all evening and am not camera appropriate at all :P
  15. Great backstory! You can never have too many pictures of a gorgeous Single. Congrats!!