A present to myself- need some help buying a bag!!

  1. Hi guys- I am about to have my first big break (getting published in a national magazine :yahoo:).

    In my previous career, when I "made it", I bought myself a Cartier watch that I still love and wear over 10 years later. Since I am so obsessed with bags, I thought - why not celebrate with a new bag purchase :tup:

    I just don't know what to get! I was recently obsessed with Balenciaga and thank God that obsession is gone. :sweatdrop: I want something very classic and nothing too obvious. As for budget, not really sure, so I'm open. I prefer shoulder bags and a zippered top.

    I appreciate any help! Thank you!
  2. Congratulations! Wonderful news!

    How about something in LV Damier or Epi. In Damier, I like the Saleya (I have the MM, and I loooooove mine). In Epi, I especially love the Passy. I believe the MM will fit on the shoulder.

    I also like Marc Jacobs a lot. The Blake is a great shoulder bag and is very classic (though a little heavy).

    Tod's bags are great classic bags, too. There is a Tod's outlet at Woodbury - you may find a great deal there.

    Let us know what you decide! :yes:
  3. Congratulations! I don't have any suggestions, as I'm still pretty new to the purse game, but I look forward to seeing what you got!
  4. Ooo, how about YSL. Yummy leather.
  5. Thank you Ladies for all your help! I am leaning towards an LV Speedy in Damier. Even though I don't normally do arm bags, I may make the exception for this bag. I want a classic style and I think the Damier will be less noticable than the Mono style. I think anyway. I will go check them out in person and then perhaps but one through eluxury to save on tax and shipping.
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  7. ^^ Huh? :shrugs:

    I second the damier speedy! Damier is my new LVoe...
  8. I'm not a fan of Damier, but I love the Speedy! I'm going to buy a Mono Speedy for my first designer bag, so I'll vote Speedy of course.
    Although, I love Marc Jacobs a lot too! That Blake is beautiful. Unfortunately I don't think I could buy MJ in Holland.

    Good luck on your further bag hunt! :smile:
  9. congrats, judieh! i would suggest a marc jacobs (i like stam a lot) or a chanel tote...they are both classy and stylish.... speedy is a safe and classic choice but you 'll see it a lot out there (unfortunately you'll see a lot of fakes as well). i am sure u'll make a great choice! we'll be waiting pics of your bag asap!
  10. Congrats JudieH!

    I can't help with a purse... but how about a 'gorgeous, lovely thing' trunk (LV???) to store your continuing collection of publications...

    "If you build it they will come......"
  11. You can't lose
    with a Louis Vuitton.
  12. Personally, amd this is just me, I'd invest in something that you don't see on everyone everywhere you go. You live near NYC-so how about going with a Belen Echandia bag? They have some gorgeous new ones for fall!
    [​IMG]Charm Me
    [​IMG]Love Me [​IMG]
  13. Chanel anyone?
  14. Congratulations, JudieH! How about a Chloe? They have a wide variety of styles, and you might be able to get one on sale (Labor Day!).

    Can you give us a hint as to which magazine is publishing your article? Genre, at least? That is so wonderful!:woohoo:
  15. Theriously.