A Present from LV

  1. Today I've went to LV in Amsterdam.
    I got an earlier B-Day gift.
    Anyone know what I got ??:graucho:
    I will post Pictures Tomorrow.
  2. a Keepall!?
  3. Mono pochette cles?
  4. stop making inappropriate posts.
  5. Can't wait!!
  6. Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see what you got!
  7. Tomorrow!!!!!

    no fair we want pics now! LOL
  8. Happy Birthday!!
  9. The pochette cles...?? I'm really curious now. What did you get...??
    How's the service in Amsterdam by the way, I heard it's kinda..uhm..bad..:sad: Someone told me the SA's aren't friendly at all....
  10. WHAT?????????????????????????????????????????????

    happy birthday:party:
  11. Hi neighbour! What did you get?
  12. You're gonna make us wait until tomorrow? :push:
  13. Ooohh, what did you get?
    And I've kinda got the same question as Pink Rose - how's the service in Amsterdam? I want to go there to get my first LV, but I heard the service is absolutely horrible.
  14. It's a wapity? :graucho:
  15. oww.. I wan´t to see pics! diorkiss and pink rose the service in Amsterdam isn´t that bad! there are just 1 or 2 sa that are having some problems with themselves... I always go to jacky! She´s great!!