A present for me!!... I've been waitting!

  1. :yahoo: Yea!! I've been bad - but I've been waitting for this one!! *sorry this is long*

    Went to the mall today with the SOLE purpose of getting a few things from Sephora for my trip next week....

    Wandered over the Coach store to see if they had any of the new stuff in... I walked in and my SA was there, I asked her if they had any of the perfume makeup cases that I could see - and she about fell over!! ;) She said," how did you know about that??? I just found out today!!!"... LOL... to make a long story short, she pulled one out of the back - and it was really cute!!! I can't wait to see the wristlet,... also smelled the actual perfume, it was really nice. The SAs couldn't believe I knew about the Spring lines coming out already.:graucho: I guess I spend too much time here...

    I think I want the perfume print makeup case for sure... they also said that only 4-5 stores in the company are getting a tote in the print as well...

    NOW... on to my present news * drumroll...*

    I have been waitting for the Pond & Silver 1/2" bracelet :love: to pop up online as available FOREVER!!! When I checked online yesterday... it still said available 3/11... well, when I went into the store - she said she could order it for me!!! YEA!!!! So I ordered the pond & silver... it should be here next week. (Too bad I'm going to be out of town, didn't think that one through... all well...)

    Coach - 1/2" SIGNATURE BANGLE

    I will post pics when I get it... I'm just super excited because I've been trying to order this and waitting for what seems like FOREVER!!! And wanted to share my joy with you...

    Whew... Sorry so long... Also, I saw the lilac hobo in person, and I saw what someone was saying about the leather differing across the bag... I still kinda like it though...:shame:
  2. OHHHH!!! Describe the make up case for us!!! (please???) I can hardly wait! Geesh, I'm supposed to be good now! Oh, well, a couple of accessories isn't really being bad, right??? LOL!!!

    ETA: DUH! congrats on your new bracelet too! LOL!
  3. i LOVE that pond bracelet! congrats!!!
  4. Thanks!! I am just super excited because I had resolved that the daen thing was never going to be available...

    I guess they had a sample, I am horrible at dimensions - but was approximately 6/7 inches long x 3 inches high... it has a similiar shape to the clutch Megs & Vlad are giving away for the Valentines contest...

    Silky looking fabric w/ red background... pink writing all over the crosses over itself... perfume bottles interminently spaced out... I actually wish there were more perfume bottles on it... but beggers can't be choosers...

    Pretty sure it had silver hardware... the two knobs on the top have kind of a octagon or diamond cut.. can't remember exactly... Actually would have been cute if they would have released it around Valentines Day...

    Can't wait to see the wristlet as well!! :yes:
  5. oooh, the pond is the best color!!! congrats!
  6. Congrats on the bracelet - it's beautiful! You're so lucky they fit you. I have huge hands (if you ever watched Seinfeld, I describe myself as having "man hands"), so bangles, unless they're hinged, just don't fit me.

    Thanks for the update on the perfume and perfume bags. How did you like the scent?

    LOL about the SA being surprised by what you know. I've taken to feigning ignorance about certain things when I talk to the SAs (like when the SA at my local shop was showing me a "spread" of the perfume and ergo line), but in my head, I'm always thinking, "yeah, I know - I read about it last night on tpf"!
  7. oooh that's pretty!! congrats!
  8. how much would that cost? esp the wristlet? u have any idea? =)
  9. Thanks for the info! Wonder what the price will be? I'm putting it on my wish list until I see it IRL! Can't wait to see your bracelet!
  10. AHHH i should go see if my SA can order me the pond bracelet!!!! that IS some exciting news.

    when i asked the SAs in the store a week ago about the scribble line they looked at me a little blank and then i said 'i saw a picture of it on tPF last night, its beautiful!' and they gave me an even weirder look...oh well
  11. Take pictures of you wearing the bracelet when you get it please! :smile:

    I'm like willowsmom, the Coach bangles are just too small for me. I saw a couple of the leather ones with the turnlocks at the outlet last week, but just couldn't get them on. :sad:
  12. I love that color. You chose the prettiest one out of all of them! Congrats!
  13. Very cute. Now I want one. lol
  14. :biggrin: Thanks guys!! They haven't available for a while - so I had to snatch one up while they were around!!

    I'm kinda of nervous though - because I never saw one in person... the Troy store didn't have them!! So I am buying it w/o trying it on, sight unseen, etc... Hoping it works... I have teenie hands though... it is the one thing on my body that ended up being small.. LOL.. thank you mom. ;)

    willowsmom - I really liked the scent! I can't think of what it reminded me of... but it was very classic and fresh. I guess its good it doesn't remind me of anything!! It had a classic air to it, but wasn't overpowering at all... They said it should everywhere in March and in magazine ads.

    anotheremptysky & beanpolejd - Thanks! Blue & silver are my fav colors... so it was a no brainer for me... I fell in love with it when I saw it online...

    angelthelson & tlloveshim - I don't think she knew exactly what the price was going to be... it didn't have any tags on it. But I seem to remember the numbers of about $58 or $78 for the make case... and $48 for the wristlet?? Please don't take those as 100% for sure... they weren't really sure, and we talked about so many different items when we were in there, I have a feeling that I am getting the numbers mixed up!! (I'm not good with numbers!)

    Angel!! - This would be an awesome purchase for our "off-ban day"!! Oh crap. I am not supposed to be buying stuff right now, am I? Opps... bracelets don't count. :push:

    batgirl0711 - That's why I wanted to post - I wasn't sure if any one else had been anxiously awaiting the colors to become available again in the bracelets, or not?? It's fantastic!! All should be available online and for order in the store... (If they didn't get a shipment in.) I vote - go get one!! :yes:

    Stophle - I will post pics the minute I get it!! I hope it fits... otherwise its gonna have to go back! :sad: Unfornuately... I wasn't thinking when I ordered it and I'm going to be out of state all next week... so it arrives around Wednesday and I won't get it until Mon. 2/19 when I'm back!! AHHH!! Hmm... I am having a UPS package diverted to my mom's... I wonder if I could divert this one too?? I should look into that....

    Thanks for all of the great comments guys!! If anyone was looking for one of these I think gold, silver, orange, green, pond, pink, etc are all available now!!! Hurray!! :biggrin:
  15. bags4bubbles,

    Petty please post pic's of the bracelet on your wrist. if you own a pond purse/wristlet ,please include them in the pic's. I'm dying to see them together!

    Your Fan,
    cha cha