A preloved reveal.....and it's SO Black

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  1. I bought my first Chanel last July and this is now my forth one. Totally got bitten by the Chanel bug. Thanks to all you TPF'rs, I'm slowly trying to put together my collection. I wanted a Chanel that is a classic and also one that I can wear everyday. From all my research, I decided I want to get a reissue in the 226 size as my next bag. The black with ghw was on my wish list, but when I saw this baby I just had to pull the trigger. She is in excellent condition and from the 19 series. I must confess, I had a little bit buyers remorse because I wasn't sure about the glazed calf skin and thought maybe I should have held out for a ghw. I had never seen this one IRL. She came today and my heart just SANG!! She is absolutely gorgeous and understated at the same time. Pictures does not do this bag justice! Without further ado.....my new to me reissue 226 in so black!

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  2. Wow yay enjoy your new (to you) bag! I've never seen a so black 2.55 irl too, it looks gorgeous!

  3. Thank you!
  4. Lovely So Black! You're lucky to get her. So very happy for you! :smile:

  5. Thank you! I'm ecstatic!
  6. Congrats!! You will LOVE this bag. Goes with everything --both gold and silver tone jewelry. And the leather holds up well too.

  7. Thank you! That's what I love about it. I don't have to worry about matching jewelry.
  8. Gorgeous SO black reissue, congrats!
  9. amazing bag!!!
  10. I love this Congrats!
  11. I've never been a big reissue fan but this just changed my mind. It's beautiful.
  12. Congrats! Great bag!
  13. Beautiful.
  14. So pretty!! Congrats!!
  15. LOVE it, big congrats on finding this beauty!