A "Precious" Bag!!

Sep 8, 2010
I know that in a previous thread, I spoke with you ladies about whether to get a gunmetal wristlet to match my new Gunmetal Madison Maggie and matching medium Madison wallet that I recently purchased or to purchase a small silver Madison Sophia that I found at a steal....Most of you ladies (if not all) said go with the Sophia....she is a classic!! Well, my sister and I were able to go on our trip yesterday and Miss Silver Sophia came home with me for a price of $129 plus tax!! I have never purchased a leather FP bag for this low of a price!!! I did return my larger purple dot op art Sophia to the outlet.....it was fabric and I had paid only $8 or so less for it than I did my leather Sophia!! Now, I just need to call the outlet ASAP tomorrow and see if they still have the small silver Madison Wallet that I returned as well (would have never taken it back if I had only know I could get the silver sophia)....I sure hope so because I will repurchase it!!! Anyway, that's my update and I am so happy to have my 2 new Precious metal purchases....Gunmetal Maggie/wallet and Miss Silver Sophia!!!! Wish me luck on repurchasing the wallet!!! Have a wonderful Easter all and remember the reason that we celebrate!!!:smile: