A PRADA Bag...WTF ???

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  1. :yes:Come on over LYM - the water's nice and warm and we have a plentiful supply of Chloes at our disposal...;)
  2. delighted it is (almost) resolved :tup:
  3. Glad to know your ordeal is nearly over!
  4. Do you have your refund yet
  5. And may I suggest a big, big, BIG glass of wine !

    So glad at least some of these disputes are reslved!
  6. No,still no refund yet...I live in hope :s.
  7. I'm sure it will work out now Tag :yes:
    You've been through enough with this seller and you deserve it to end well :tup:
  8. Ah, from your lips to God's ears ( as my late father used to say !) :smile:
  9. Hope you get it soon Tag , I am still waiting on my official confirmation :sad:
  10. don't worry, today is a new day and hopefully the day! best wishes!
  11. i hope your refund is on its way to you, poor thing... I am so glad that you got yourself the purple bay after the Elvire nightmare... I was reading another thread where someone bought a balenciaga work and got a pair of vans instead...
  12. Well girls, just wanted to let you know that I finally got a full refund and the Elvire nightmare is over :dothewave:. Thanks again for all your support during the crisis ....:tpfrox:.
    I remain avowed NEVER:nogood: to buy a bag on eBay EVER again. That was without doubt my final hurrah :banned:.
  13. Delighted it is all over Tag! What a journey! :yahoo:
  14. :flowers:Thanks Roz - hope your eBay nightmare was also resolved successfully.
  15. Nope still no resolution, she told Paypal that she wanted to cancel the chargeback, they have sent that info to the credit card company but they say it can take ages for them to respond :sad:
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