A PRADA Bag...WTF ???

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  1. This news just in...the seller contacted me to say she has now authorised the refund (although now this is in the hands of PayPal it may not come through until she confirms that she has received the Prada bag back). She also wired some money into my account to cover the cost of shipping the Prada bag back to her plus a little extra compensation to cover my customs charges.

    The email she sent was very 'friendly' and apologetic ( in my book this is too little, way too late). She said she will leave me some 'glorious' feedback when she gets the Prada bag back and will understand if I leave her negative feedback. I suspect this seismic shift in attitude is all due to the fact that she knows her Prada bag is on the way back and she can go ahead and attempt to sell the Elvire at a higher price. She said that she re-listed the Elvire because she is selling it for someone else who she has already paid for the bag and needs to recoup her money. Who knows what the real story is here ?

    I replied to her, saying that if she'd only admitted to an accidental package mix-up in the first place I would just have asked her to send on the Elvire to me when she got it back. I only made a claim to PayPal for a refund because she claimed to know nothing about the Prada bag and started posseting weird theories about a bag switch at customs etc. I also told her that this bag was supposed to be a Valentines gift from my DH. If I were her, I have a very guilty conscience right now ....

    Anyway, it looks like this saga is drawing to a close now thank goodness, but I'll only rest easy when I get all my money back. In the meantime if anyone comes across another Elvire bag like the one I tried to purchase and is now re-listed (or the same style in another colour), please let me know. I am officially on a bag ban but I think I'd be given a dispensation to break it for this particular bag, given it should have been in my closet by now...;)
  2. I think you should still give her a negative feedback, just to protect future buyers. I understand what you're saying though. I'm glad this saga is *almost* over.
  3. :yahoo: Delighted for you!

    Tonight must be the night I just had an email to say that my buyer is withdrawing her chargeback also!
  4. :flowers:Thanks Roz. I'm so glad you got your nightmare sorted out too. For some reason these things can really get under your skin, can't they ? It's not just about the money but also about the injustice of people behaving in this fashion. It's horrible and extremely disempowering to be on the receiving end of this behaviour. Anyway (hopefully) all's well, that ends well and if you do ever see another one of these Elvires on your travels, do let me know :smile:.
  5. Glad to hear about the outcomes, Tag and Roz!
  6. Wow I'm glad your saga worked out.. eventually. What a dishonest person !
  7. Welcome Tag! You are so right, these things really pull you down especially when you know that you have done nothing wrong & are powerless against these silly people!
    I sure will keep an eye out for the Elvire for you, with all your eagle eyed TPF friends I am sure you will find one soon :smile: :yes:

    Thanks Eucalyptic :smile: :flowers:
  8. Yes it's feeling powerless ^^ Whew what a roller coaster ride?

    You're screaming, "I want this over" the whole time! Praise GOD it's over!!
  9. I was just coming here to post that she had relisted the bag... What a nut! I hope the refund comes through smoothly...
  10. Tag, I just checked out Roz's collection. It is possible she has out rock stared you. You UK girls seem to be living the life! Maybe I should jump the pond?
  11. OMG, I just read this whole thread from start to finish....and what a very nasty piece of work that seller is!!! :wtf: Wouldn't it be illegal for a seller to re-list an item that is currently in dispute?

    Tag, I'm soooooo pleased that you can see light at the end of the tunnel with this. Hopefully it will be all over soon.

    What a lovely, supportive group the Chloe girls are! :flowers:
  12. i'm so glad that its finally been resolved!!
  13. What an absolute nightmare. Tagullah, let us know when all your money comes through, so we can all relax, knowing you've been reimbursed. You shouldn't have had to go through all this. She has treated you very badly throughout this ordeal. I will never consider buying from pokernut42.
  14. Yes, as the others have said, I won't relax until the money is back in your account.

    What a strange adventure this was! I can't believe the seller went on and on about the customs switch - she's barking mad. At least she's being nice now, whatever her motivation. Once it's all over, I'm sure you'll be happy to let it all go LOL - there's an Elvire out there with your name on it, that's for sure!
  15. split personalities?? The seller acts if there are two people within her:wtf:...Congrats, Tag...hope the $$ is back in your account really soon.
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