A post about LV agendas...

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  1. So in a math lecture the other day I saw a girl writing in her non-LV agenda and suddenly really wanted an LV one.

    I'd probably get the Small Ring agenda...and use it as like a homework tracker/special event reminder book thingy. So, I'd be writing daily stuff into it.
    My question is, how useful are they? Do you use it a lot?
    For the small ring agenda refills, is it day-by-day or a few days on one page? Does it come with the agenda calendar (like a day-planner does)? If I buy the Agenda cover at LV, does it include inserts, or no?

    I'd also appreciate it if someone can maybe post a list of some of the prices for the current small ring agendas...in CAD if possible! I can check elux but not sure how much they are in Canadian.

  2. I have the Small Ring Agenda, and I use it everyday for my work schedule. I don't have the day by day, I just bought the note pages. I take notes, and make lists for stuff I need to get, deposts and what not. I use the card slots for work cards, and I just keep receipts in the side pockets. It's very useful, I recommend getting it!
  3. I recently got a koala small ring in September and I've been using it pretty much every day. I'm using it as my personal life agenda to keep track of events, birthdays, appointments, etc. My actual work schedule I have to keep track outside of it because it wouldn't fit the amount of detail that I need for work.

    The inserts don't come with it so when you buy the agenda you only get the cover. If there are any 2006 refills left, I would ask your SA if they could give it to you for free... that way you can get the essentials/extras like note pages, address book, ruler with it and then if you choose you can get a 2007 non-full refill that only has the calendar pages or opt for a cheaper alternative like Sanrio! (or filofax.. :P )

    I believe the koala is $375CAD, vernis is either $325 or $335CAD and mono/damier regular is cheaper than that around $295/300CAD? But I'm not sure if any of these prices have increased since the increase we just recently had.

    HTH and let me know if you have any other questions! :yes:
  4. i have the small ring agenda and i use it every day. i put a coach day on a page calendar in it (can fit about 4 months at a time- whole year won't fit, but that's fine by me). I also use it as my wallet. it is REALLY useful, and i can toss my wallet/agenda into any bag i am using at any time, or just take the agenda! also, you can get one in new condition on ebay for a good price. HIGHLY rec.!
  5. I have 3 vernis agendas and change the refills out and one is in use every day. I take notes on graph paper from filofax, have the monthly calendar on two pages, which I use a lot, and one day per page. I also have a day timer agenda for work; so the LV is for all the other stuff, which including houses, dogs, and daily life, turns out to be a whole lot. Highly recommended, love my vernis, think it's $325, but bought my last before last price increase... you can get vernis in framboise, noisette and perle (new)... get it! Oh, but the ADORE the koalo too, and would get that one myself, except for I didn't realize it was so high... love the rose koala
  6. I use mine quite a bit to write myself grocery lists, directions etc. I love it!!
  7. Karman~ Here is my Koala Agenda. I use it every day. I used to use a larger one however downsized to this one as It fits in my bags a the larger ones do not. I was worried at first that I would not have a lot of room to write my evaluations/meetings..however it is working fine. It is smaller...I suggest if you can...to go to LV and have them bring out a few diffrent ones (i.e., Mono/Epi/Vernis) that way you can gauge the difference. I had trouble deciding ...The inserts from filofax are fab...Good Luck my friend.:rolleyes:

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  8. The epi agendas are timeless and wear well. I wanted a groom one but I like the epi better.
  9. I just got a yellow epi small agenda and love it to death! I bought some filofax inserts and i keep track of appointments and stuff to do in it. It's perfect for all my purses,it even fits in the Mono Pochette
  10. I have the Koala mono agenda, I love it! I use it everyday for notes, appts etc...very pretty, makes you WANT to use your planner. Plus the card slots are great and it fits the filofax inserts for loose papers etc.
  11. I have a groom agenda and only use it for notes. I believe is was around $350 CAN. I love that it is small enough to fit in any bag.
  12. i've been using my mono small ring gaenda for the past 5 yrs or so....almost every single day!! :P :heart:
    i used LV refill for a few years, but i ended up NOT using them as much as Sanrio ones......specially the daily or weekly pages, i use monthly ones for work most of the time.

    hello kitty, charmmy kitty, snoopy.....they are cuter and takes less space in it!

    i got new vernis in framboise and i think i'm gonna start using it from 2007!

    i have lots of clear pages (which i purchased in japan last time i was there) with my baby's pictures ---- so half of my agenda is used as an album! :smile:
  13. i think the usage of an agenda really depends on the person. [most] really organized people use the hell out of their agendas and/or their pdas/blackberries. i have a desk agenda cuz the small/medium isn't big enough for my hands/writing, and i don't really like having a button snap closure (i either like the zip around, or open like a book). i use mine everyday and it has all sorts of notes, dates, work schedule, life schedule, etc etc in it. my life is in my agenda and if i don't have it with me, then i feel naked. like a cellphone or ipod. heh. ;)
  14. I have a small mandarin epi agenda. I wish that I could do it over and get a medium. It's just a tad too small for me. I write big.
  15. I use my Epi Agenda PM everyday. It's a must-have for me.