a positive chanel experience with theartofacquisition

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  1. Hi to all! Thought I'd post this, just quickly, as I know that Jessica, who is a member of this forum and who also sells bags on ebay under the seller name theartofacquisition has been slagged a few times on this forum. Just thought I'd report back on my experience dealing with her (and, no, I don't know her -- and I have no affiliation with her!:biggrin: )

    Quite a while back, I decided that I really did want to buy the Chanel anniversary reissue bag, after all. I wanted it in grey, but, unlike many members here, I really wanted the bag in medium and not in large. As many of you may know, the medium size really is the sold out size. There were no medium greys in my own country, by the time I'd worked out that I wanted one. And there were very few left in the States. I kept on missing them, having no luck.:sad:

    Anyway, I contacted Jessica, in order to see if she could be of help, and I actually ended up obtaining a medium grey reissue from her.

    My experience with her was really amazing, and I wanted to post about it here, also, because I didn't deal with her through ebay, and so I won't be able to leave positive feedback there for her.

    To cut things somewhat short, the positives of the sale included:
    1) She is extremely reliable and answers all mail quickly and thoroughly
    2) She is willing to negotiate prices -- she is flexible in that regard
    3) She allowed me to pick and choose between two bags (one had a slightly lighter tone to the grey -- interesting to see), and she sent me complete, detailed photographs of each bag. She is extremely particular in her descriptions of bags, and she describes the condition of each bag in minute detail. I enjoy that, as I am very picky, and the smallest thing can bother me (loose thread, scuff, etc.). I really found that she could be relied upon to declare everything.
    4) She sent the bag out quickly, and, even more impressive to me, when there was a shipping difficulty, she undertook to repackage and resend the bag. The bag was beautifully and carefully packaged. It must have taken her hours to wrap the chain the way she did!
    5) The bag is wonderfully, reliably authentic. It's nice not to have to have worried about that.
    6) Jessica proved to be a lot of fun -- she sent a pile of nice e-mails to me, she seems like a very nice person.

    Anyway. I wish I could post pictures of the bag (though you all know what it looks like, I want to show you what a beautiful product I received). I'll receive my digital camera back (it's been abroad for fixing for some months) in July, and I can certainly post pictures then.

    I just want to say that, although I was in love with this particular bag before I decided to buy it (though I did have some back-and-forth about it, in PMs with Jill, re: the style being 'old' -- I love Jill's taste in bags but have to respectfully disagree with her on this one!:biggrin: ), I love it so much more 'in person'. The grey that I have really does shine with a particular lavendar shade, when it comes into bright daylight. The leather is lovely. The size -- the medium -- is perfect (I'm really, really glad I put the effort in to get the medium over the large, as the medium really is quite large on me). Overall, it feels less fragile than I'd thought, too, and it is as wonderfully practical (I always think that about 2.55s -- well engineered). I prefer the reissue clasp, chain, and quilting to that of other 2.55s, though.

    Anyway. Just wanted to say thanks to Jessica! I hope I haven't left anything out in singing her praises!
  2. Did you pay more than retail for it?
  3. I would also like to know if you paid more than retail..

    But I'm glad you had a wonderful experience. The grey re-issue is beautiful and I wish I was lucky enough to own one.
  4. I'm glad you has a good experience! I do not think that being a "bad" seller was ever the issue with AoA here. IMO her use of the PF just seemed, well actually it was, in poor taste. Congrats on the bag!
  5. Congrats Melisande! I am DYING to see pics!!!! Get that camera back fast!!LOL!
  6. Thanks, Jill! You are always so sweet!

    Guys, I'm afraid that I'm terribly business-minded and always do my research in advance -- so, in answer to the financial questions: I did fine (and even more than fine, taking into account what I would have paid to buy out of the US, from a store, plus pay shipping and customs, plus the exchange rate).

    Sorry that the initial post was so long -- hadn't realized that! I do ramble on!
  7. I understand what you're saying, Bagloving. But I read some pretty nasty things that had to do with her sales...
  8. That's great, melisande :biggrin: Sounds like you had a great experience with AofA. I'm glad you decided to get a reissue! Sometimes I regret returning mine :shame: But I love my tote!
  9. Congrats! Happy that you had a great experience!! Enjoy :smile:
  10. Melisande, I'm glad that you've finally found your reissue. The reissue is a beautiful bag and I'm glad that you were not disappointed. Congrats and enjoy ... can't wait to see your pics!!