A Poppy-Chan Reveal!!!

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  1. congrats!!!
  2. That mini skinny is precious!! OMG!! I may have to change my mind about the poppy-chan stuff and get one =) Congrats!
  3. I got mine from the Coach boutique at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City in Singapore
  4. super cute!!!!!!!
  5. Very cute. My daughter wants anything with Pinky for valentines day.
  6. very cute!!! thanks for sharing!
  7. OMG.. I want that mini skinny!! Anyone call JAX yet? I wonder how much it is in US $$... I'm thinking 58 or 48.
  8. That explains it. My SA said they couldn't get them at all here :cry:
  9. Very cute set! Congrats!

  10. Now that is cute! Congratulations on all your new items. They make me think of spring and summer. Oh how I wish it was warm right about now.

    My Coach Collection
  11. what an adorable reveal, congrats!
  12. What an adorable haul!
  13. Very Cute! Congrats on your gorgeous haul!
  14. New additions today...
    1. Cherry mini skinny
    2. Cherry ID skinny

    Attached Files:

  15. Awwww,there sooooo darn cute, how much are they?