A Poppy-Chan Reveal!!!

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  1. 43715 - pinky mini skinny

    i only saw pinky, cherry & lemon mini skinny.
  2. Just found it on the japan site... #43715

  3. #43718

  4. #43714

  5. AHHHHH! I want !
  6. haha, thats what I asked too, I don't think it does, I don't see it on the Japan website... but someone should call JAX and ask! I wish I could but I'm at work, LOL
  7. Nooo! Too cute! I want it all!!
  8. EEK! MUST go to FP and see if they can order it!!

    I wasn't too keen on the Pinky and Pepper key fobs, but these are TOO cute!!
  9. LOL, I know me too!
  10. Wow those are all super cute! I especially love the mini's!
  11. I love the Yellow Poppy-Chan..

    Your purchases are rocking..
  12. Bagshopaholic: Did you get those Skinnys in a FP store in the States or did you have to order from JAX?

    I just called my local store and they are looking into it for me, but the funny thing was that the SA KNEW who I was .. :amazed: .. LOL!
  13. Awwww.....VERY cute!! :smile: Such happy little characters!! :smile:
  14. Oh sooo cute!! Does the mini skinny have an ID thing on the other side or is it just a regular mini skinny with the chain?

    Sooo cute!!!
  15. *dies from cuteness* Oh I need that Pinky mini skinny!