A Poppy-Chan Reveal!!!

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  1. Featuring Pinky & Pepper...
  2. Pinky leather heart keyfob
    IMG_4561.JPG IMG_4560.JPG
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    Pinky mini skinny
  4. Pinky wristlet
    IMG_4565.JPG IMG_4566.JPG
  5. I just love those pinky and pepper characters... too cute! I especially like that keyfob!
  6. Pinky swingpack
  7. Nice -- I LOVE the Poppy-Chan .. TOO CUTE!

    I actually picked up the Cherry Fob because it didn't have the pom-pom :smile:.

    Wish we had the coin purses here .. sigh!
  8. Whats the style # on the pinky mini skinny? and does it come in a pepper mini skinny to?
  9. Pinky
    IMG_4567.JPG IMG_4569.JPG
  10. Pepper wristlet
    IMG_4563.JPG IMG_4564.JPG
  11. The Pepper is very cute!!!
  12. i love the Poppy Chans...

    got the pinky chan fob as a valentine's gift for my daughter and treated myself to the pepper chan fob

    congrats on your sets!
  13. Good question .. I can't seem to find it on the Web site :sad:
  14. I must have Pepper!!! I'm going to buy her when I'm in NYC in two weeks!
  15. Ohhhh I love the skinny!. Does it come in Pepper too?