A POP of Excitement!

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  1. I've been trying to find one of these for a long time, and I finally did. Preowned, of course, but in pretty good condition and an excellent price. I'm going to see about having some cracking on the zipper pull and reglazing on the top corners done though. Any estimates on how much LV might charge to do that? Here it is...

    Cles in ROSE POP!

    So excited. I have a long list of LV that I want, but a very short list of LV I MUST have. This is one to check off the short list :smile:
  2. Gorgeous! I wish LV would re-release Rose Pop!
  3. Me too!! It's such a pretty color!!
  4. Lovely,congrats!!
  5. Gorgeous! Congrats on your lovely purchase! Just :heart: that color.
  6. Nice!
  7. Stunning color! What a great find.
  8. pretty, great find. congrats
  9. Nice color...congrats.
  10. Congrats on the find!!! Re-glazing is not that bad in pricing... I did a pen case last year and it was about 5,000 yen ($60 or so)... DH got his zipper pull fixed for free on a Mono cles...
  11. :love: Great color! Congrats! It looks to be in great condition already.
  12. Great find, I'm in love with rose pop!
    Congrats and enjoy your cles :smile:
  13. Beautiful ! Luv the color ! Enjoy !
  14. Wow love it!
  15. nice - congrats!