A poem I found for the over size 6 girls...

  1. LOVED this!
    Ode to Thickness…

    Is for the thick girls
    The slightly over size 6 girls
    The proud to have hips girls
    Sexy, curvy, fit girls
    (No dis to the stick girls)
    But, you’re the greatest.

    Feels like we need a love pat
    A remixed sample of ‘Baby Got Back’
    To remind these silly rabbits that
    Curves are for girls
    And chicks that are thick
    Is where it’s at.

    We make…
    the world go ‘round
    Turn frowns upside down
    With our sweetness
    The uniqueness
    to look fabulous
    In virtually any attire
    Make men want to go higher
    In their pursuit
    Of the sweetest fruit
    The beautifully brilliant, feminine truth
    That is thickness.

    For the media
    Who keeps on force-feeding ya
    The wrong message…
    Thickness is a blessing
    And has been since the
    Beginning of time
    Had pyramid men
    Losing their minds
    And sharing their crown
    For a chance to get down
    With a thick chick.

    So, be thankful for thick thighs
    That help you run long strides
    And hips that tell no lies
    A silhouette that curves and winds…
    Down the path of interesting
    A physique meant for caressing
    Girl, your body is a blessing
    Leave no room for second guessing

    Love your temple and its splendor
    Treat yourself respectfully tender
    And cherish
    Your thickness.

    Now, I’ve got love for my big girls
    And mad respect for the stick girls
    But, this here poem
    Is for the thick girls
    The slightly over size 6 girls
    The proud to have hips girls
    Sexy, curvy, fit girls
    (No dis to the stick girls)
    But you’re my favorite.

    -Nanalynne' March 2007
  2. LOL! I like it.
  3. Amen to that! :woohoo:
  4. I'm a 6/8 and had no idea I was "thick!" :shocked:

    :lol: seriously though, a 6 is thick now?
  5. Uhmm...Swanky if I was a 6 and I was called thick...I would eat a taco and nachos and then LAUGH! I know the gal that wrote this (distantly) and I think she meant this in a different way than you maybe took it? You are not thick..I just liked the way she spoke ..the way the words went...kind of fun...you are a thin lady...NOT THICK. That would be me.:graucho:
  6. LOL! No worries Hon!:heart:
  7. 60 views and 5 responses...I guess it sucked!! LOL
  8. ^I like it! Maybe there are more "skinny minnies" on this forum than "thick" girls. I'm and 8/10 and short (5'4") so I am "thick"! Oh, well - I'm not going to kill myself over it! LOL
  9. hey I like it!!! I am not thin by any means...but regardless of size, it's still a cute poem
  10. What a cute poem, made me smile. Thanks for posting!
  11. i had a friend who was a size 8 and modeled...and they told her she was plus sized.

    it's crazy.
  12. I'm a size 8 and LOVE my body. I don't want to be above it or below my current size. Love my curves and love being 'thick'...to me the word 'thick' isn't offensive. My husband loves that I am 'thick' as well...lol. I'm 5'6 and love all of me!
  13. It's all relative. Size 6 is "stick" to me!

    Nobody under size 20 can lay any claim to thickness. ;)
  14. this made me smile. Thanks Sunshine!
  15. That's so true Shimma! I'm a size 8 and have friends of all different sizes. I have one very close friend that is a size 18 and she's a knockout. She's tall...like 5'11. If I were to say I'm 'thick' around her she starts to laugh. She calls me 'boney'....LOL. People who are a size 6 and 8 are not 'fat or plus sized. What on earth has society come to??? I personally think anyone sized 12 and under is 'small' ---dependent on height and body type of course.