A pleasant surprise in Hamburg, Germany

  1. My boyfriend is from Hamburg Germany and we're here visiting for the week. We walked around downtown and he said he needed to pop into some shop to have a look at the denim. I agreed and as soon as I got through the door I was overwhelmed by a magical sight --- Bbags all over the place! The last thing I was expecting and quite a pleasant surprise, no doubt about that.

    The shop is called PETRA TEUFEL, and they had tons of bbag stock out on the floor. No older colours but it was wonderful to feel all the bags in real life - and with no salesperson harassing me!

    I think fellow TPFer incoralblue (I think that's his name) has been going on about the gorgeousness of Sandstone. I was practically violating a Sandstone Day in the shop, rubbing my hands all over it. LOL! :roflmfao: But really, the leather was absolutely TDF - better than the leather on any of the other SS colours I saw there.

    Just had to share. I only managed to snap one pic of the back of the store unfortunately... the bulk of the bbag stock was along the side of the store, but there was a salesperson lurking :sad:

    My BF said to me later, 'It looked like you were in bag heaven in there.' Little did he know! :smile::smile:

  2. yaaaay another store that carries balenciaga in germany!!! thanks for posting, evilarchitect!
  3. Wow, very nice!! Have to check out this store if I'm ever in Berlin. Did they only have bbags or did they also have other designers? (I'm not very familiar with Balenciaga)
  4. Well done, evilarchitect, and thanks for much for sharing your Bbag experience in Hamburg! Wow, if I were in there I'd be like a kid in a candy store...
  5. Oh wow thanks for the info... I have added it to my list of where I can buy in europe! Do you have any idea what colour days they had? in the RH?
  6. Well done, evil.

    I know the feeling of molesting BBags. I molest mine everyday and I'm damn proud of it!
  7. hmm, the only ones that i saw were sandstone, a black that looked mysteriously unblack in the store lighting - i wondered if it might have been ink, but i didn't check further, :0 and then dark brown.
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  9. WOOOOOOOW! vielen dank evil:heart:
    I guess this means Ill have to extend my Hamburg stopova while traveling from Vienna to NYC!
    BBags already on my journey..
  10. Thanks evilarchitect the sandstone sounds yummy, will give them a ring i think and see what they have! If they can understand my awful german that is!
  11. OMG!!!!!! i would sniff all the bags there LOL
  12. It sounds like you had lots of fun!
  13. Oh I already knew about this shop in Hamburg (Petra Teufel):yes: , and I already ordered from them by phone and they sent me the Item by mail ;) - very nice people over there !
    I'm sorry - I thought you all know this shop too :shame: ?!

    Thank you very much for starting this thread evil...... - we European appreciate those informations very much :flowers: :love:
  14. Thanks For The Pic!
  15. What a great surprise!!