A Plea for help!!!

  1. Anybody know where I can find a Damier Excursion or Damier Montsouris (not the SOHO)

    I am going sick looking for these bags...

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  2. I think they're SO? :confused1: I remember authentic_lvlady ever had Damier Spontini, you could try to ask her if she'll be able to locate DAmier Exc or Montsouris for you, btw I think I never saw DAmier Monts, is it release by LV?

    Or, try to request it from Let-Trade
  3. Thanks for your suggestion... I apologise if I said the wrong bag, but the bag is a back-pack just like the Montsouris, except it is offered in Damier. Let-Trade says
  4. Hey good lookin'!

    I have seen the Excursion in Damier but NOT the Montsouris

    I'll keep an eye out for you!
  5. Thanks Addy... :graucho:
  6. What kind of damier bag is the Montsouris?
  7. Okay... I found pics from Sofibella and Caannie...

    Perhaps someone can see why I :heart: so much!
  8. That Damier Montsouris looks AWESOME!!! :drool:
  9. I know... I have the Monogram already....

    I could kill for this bag...:supacool:
  10. :yahoo: go get it! rebeccalou28 is a very good seller!