A Platinum Diamond Ring in the Making

  1. This artist posted a fabulous blog about a ring he made for a woman named Sue. She is so lucky. I thought some of you ladies (and gents) may be interested in seeing one way that a fine ring can be made.

    This is just one of many ways that artists use to create though. =D

    Bespoke Platinum Engagement Ring - for Sue

    And not that I want to promote another jeweler too heavily (LOL :roflmfao: I am such a jealous designer!) but here is his Etsy shop where he has some really great pieces.

    Hope ya'll enjoy! :p
  2. I love the process...when my ring was being made and I got to see the wax setting and try it on I could not for the life of me figure out what the finished product would look like!! Its amazing how its done!!!
  3. It really is amazing,do they call it the lost wax process in US too? I am amazed the models are so clean and neat,I have seen some and a dogs ear does'nt really cover the description!!! And then they have had to have a lot of 'clean up work' done once they are cast as the goldsmith prefers to 'hack out the metal' rather than be all delicate with the wax model,but this guy is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. oh that's fascinating! Thanks!:tup:
  5. Maybe a way to design your own unique dream ring??xxxxx:heart:
  6. Wow, so cool...love to see how you get to that final, stunning product!
  7. My FI had my ering custom made -- I was not involved at all in the process. He said that the jeweler made wax models and the models really scared him, and he had to be reassured that the ring would be more delicate than the model. I thought that was really funny.
  8. That is funny SuLi! lol I just cannot imagine doing that kind of work but maybe one day. :smile: I love the ring he designed!
  9. Let me tell you, this guy works neatly. When I saw my wax for my rings, none of them looked this neatly cut. It was very crude and unpolished. Very scary and I was anxious to see how the end result would be. At the end though, my rings came out very nice.
  10. Very cool, thanks!
  11. i don't understand how the wax ring can be removed without ruining the mold or leaving a mark(s) in the cast, and changing the ring's design.
  12. These are neat pics! I'm wondering, tho, if a person wants a rounded shank how the designer gets the wax to be smooth on the edges rather than sharp? ( no sharp edges at all ) And how do they make the comfort fit interior, again, rounded inside?
  13. Wow that's amazing, thank you for posting it. I've always wondered what the process is like.
  14. The wax they use is quite hard and can be sawn and filed,its much tougher than candle wax. So all the g/smith needs to do is file where appropriate to his clients needs!!

    When they wax model has been made its then used to make a cast,the cast is then heated up and the wax runs away and the cast then has metal poured into it,gold,silver etc,its a really ingenious method of production,I've seen bits at a time but never the whole thing in one go.But its quite incredible to think from a peice of rough wax a beautiful thing eventually emerges,really makes you appreciate a goldsmiths skills.........fascinating!!:heart::tup: