A place to find older B-bags?

  1. Hello fellow afficianados,

    I was wondering - is there a place besides e-bay to buy used Balenciaga purses? There are some colors I just adore and I am getting frustrated with the whole bidding thing. Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much.:flowers:
  2. Try Real Deal Collections -she's a TPF member too and super nice!! I got my first and second bags there!
  3. Corey with Real Deal Collection has found me lots of hard-to-find older colors and every bag I've gotten from her is in such great condition. I would much rather buy from her than deal with eBay.
  4. there's also annsfabulousfinds.com and both AFF and RDC can keep you on their wishlist mailing list. just email them what your wishlist bbags are.
  5. ^ RDC = RealDealCollection.com
  6. again RDC..she has been amazing to deal with :smile:

    I know you said no to eBay, but if you look up hgbags, when she does have bbags, she usually just put a BIN or "best offer" option.
  7. eBay Seller = Bertiebluebird also has some very nice (and usually well preserved) older bags.
  8. Thank you all for your suggestions - I have bookmarked them in my favorites to make it easy. I have just gotten frustrated with the whole bidding thing - I keep getting sniped at the last second (literally). I love the idea of the wishlist. I will have to think of what I really, really want and put it on there. I already have 2 bags and am lusting after some of the older colors (like '05 Lilac). This is a terrible, terrible disease.