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  1. So, how is everyone doing? Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
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  3. definitely looks fake to me.
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  5. **DEVIN*** I purchased one and then did not wear it. Decided to sell it. Purchaser backed out saying it was a fake. Her side is that all Devins have 2 straps and that the leather is heavy? The one I have is a purple from Rue La La. Can anyone tell me about the handles? Oh and she also said that all dust covers are brown, mine was white with brown letters

    Any input would be greatly appreciated
  6. My devin has two shoulder straps that connect at the bag and act as one. The leather on my older one is not heavy at all. I find the newer ones to be thicker and less pliable when I have looked at them @ Nords Rack.
  7. I don't know enough about Devins (though I see them confused for Elishas on eBay regularly) but I do know that Kooba has switched from the brown dustbags to a mix of purple bags (for their full price bags) and white with brown lettering (for the ones they sell on off-price sites and places like the Nordstrom Rack). Hope that's of some help. Also, a lot of buyers on eBay now are claiming that items are fake to scam full or partial refunds out of sellers.