*A Place for the Kooba Fakes!*

  1. There is a lot of speculation that many "Top" brands do own label products for particular supermarkets.

    While I don't know about smaller companies, but, I do know that for a major cereal manufacturer this is NOT the case. Also, another BIG US name, who doesn't normally promote by company name, but by brand. Despite what is said this company also does NOT make diapers or soap powder etc for anybody else. Although, they do have people trying to copy the product! etc!
  2. Good heavens, at least they are giving someone the heads up it is fake.
  3. BabyK....Thank you so much for pointing this out. This lady has a Black Kooba Tote that is so unique and different. It looks like it came from the Alex style. But the lining is black (plain black) which I have never seen on a old Kooba. I wrote the seller and she said she knows nothing about the bag and that it's her daughters. It was only 41.00 so I bid on it. Thinking I was going to get some old different Kooba. I was almost taken! This Brynne is FAKE and no doubt this other one is also. I am canceling my bid and am writing the seller to tell her why. I was foolded by the feedback! Thank you so much for being more thorough than I was. I am ashamed of myself.
  4. So I wrote her....and told her I was retracting my bid for the reason that I cannot buy from a seller who sells fakes. I told her the Brynne and the Nutmeg Sienna were fake and so I couldn't be sure of this one. She has a few Vintage Koobas that are real and other bags that appear real so maybe she is unaware since she said she is selling them for her daughter. I told her the appropriate action would be to cancel the listings. Here is the bag I almost bought! And geesh...I never canceled a bid before now.


    I am truly ashamed of myself. I always try to be super cautious and even over cautious. I have never bought a fake bag yet and this could have been the BIG MISTAKE.
    I love you guys! Thank you for watching out for me. That's why this Fake Thread is sooo important. I have to make a point to use it more often.
  5. Lexie, don't be too hard on yourself! You mentioned the pebbled leather & the kooba emblem on the front of this "Alex" bag being strange in another thread & the more I looked at it, the more I wondered. The lining is something I've never seen before, but it could very well be an unknown, how are you to know? You just gotta go with your gut feeling.

    I think a lot of these sellers may not know they are selling fakes and are duped by others.
  6. Well, I had never seen a Tote and thought it was one of those rarer type bags. The sides look like the Alex and Danielle. I asked her about what she knew about the bag and the fact that the lining was not typical of old Koobas and the plaque being on the front. But the cuteness of the bag made me sightless. Good thing I wasn't going to go over my high bid of 51.00 because I am sure it will go higher.
  7. Seller wrote back. She's such a pleasant lady. Called me a jerk for writing such a letter and she has bought over 50,000 worth of handbags on eBay and 50 of them were fake SO she can spot a fake a mile away. She said I can't make claims when I don't know the truth. Blah blah blah. Then I asked her why she told me she knew nothing about the bag because it was her daughters...
    A Loser seller hiding behind good feedback. I wonder if alll those multitudes of Coach's she has up are fake.
  8. LOL lexie, if she can 'spot a fake a mile away' then she need to get her eyes tested coz that brynne and sienna of hers are offensive!!

    Her rude attitude says it all really.
  9. OMG....Check this ''Authentic Kooba" I found from a foreign website!

    Any takers for this...erm..furry beauty?
  10. Oh My...what a find. That is the 2004 Official KOOBA EASTER BUNNY BAG made from the duck down of all those dyed baby chicks that no one wants after Easter! OC you can only find this bag in Asia. They have all the good ones! LOLOL
  11. Lexie dont kid yourself. :p

    You have owned almost every kooba going...I know your tempted by this one!:graucho: