*A Place for the Kooba Fakes!*

  1. Please post all topics pertaining to fakes on sale here!
    This will be a great place for people to help report offenders on eBay as well:yes:
  2. ^^^Yeah, that's a really bad fake. I actually laughed out loud when I saw the zipper pull, or lack of it.
  3. Yeah, I almost don't want to report it, the entertainment value is better than the handbag value..

    Till some poor sucker bids on it, that is!
  4. Good lord that grey is hidious!

    *laughing here*
  5. EEK! Gray suede!
  6. Yep, believe it or not it's real. It was a limited edition bag...and obviously for good reason, because I think a Limited amount of people liked it! LOL
    I don't know about it being Spring 2006. I thought it was earlier than that.
  7. Come on, Lexie, you know you want it. *s
  8. I like the snakeskin one but in the clutch because...I have it. = ) And yes, I am in love with it.
  9. Are you kidding me???? And you won't show us a picture? We wanna see the snake skin clutch!!!!
  10. Oh yes, we want to see the snake clutch!
  11. Me too! Me too! Please show us!