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  1. Okay... I was sitting in Subway shoving my face and I look through the glass and what do I see?


    I wanted to leap through the glass (that was protecting her) and tear her a new a**hole!

    I wanted to know if she knew it was fake and wore it anyways... OR if she didnt and was duped ( I live in a small city.. not to many ppl would know if it was designer or not.. oh but I did..)

    Grr... it had.. sit down for this.... GOLD hardware! AHHHHH

    Okay.. I'm done ranting.
    I didn't say anything to her, because she was with her chid, I was eating, and there was glass protecting her.. but I wanted to!
  2. Down girl! It happens, unfortunately.
  3. I live in such a small city, 70 000 people and ppl here just dont have designer handbags, let along a Balenciaga, if they fake anything it is LV, I just just so amazed that there was actually a fake Bbag because no one in my city would even know what it is!
    I mean I could understand in a bigger city.. but not here!
  4. Yeah... I know this is awful of me to do, but whenever I see someone holding a dreadful fake B-bag, I always ask them if their bag is a Balenciaga. Some people mutter "No" and run off embarrassed.

    Oh why oh why I ask myself... but then I forget that I was once just like they and bought fake bags without any idea nor knowledge about them. Now I'd rather choke on the goat hide than do so.
  5. I always see the ones where there is actually a metal plate on the front of the bag right in the middle of the leather piece that is held up by two rivets. Those are the dead giveaways. :rolleyes:
  6. I was in Nordstrom once and saw a woman carrying a fake Balenciaga. Out of curiosity, I asked her who made her bag, and she said "Chloe." LOL. I pointed to my silver metallic box and said, "see we have similiar bags." Her response, "Oh, I have one in silver as well."

    I didn't have the heart to say, "girlfriend, why are you carrying a fake bag?" and I certainly didn't feel the need to point out that mine was real. But I did feel some private satisfaction in knowing that mine was real and hers wasn't.
  7. i think that we have to remember here that not everyone can afford to spend $1,000+ USD on an authentic designer handbag. personally, its the real thing or nothing for me (that goes for any bag, lv, fendi, coach etc) and for that reason, i only have valued few. anyone who is in the know can spot a fake a mile away but most people are attracted to the style of the bag, not the details that make it designer or high end (leather quality, construction etc.). if that's all they can afford and it makes them feel good and happy, so be it.
  8. Very well-said! :yes:
  9. ugh.
    there are people who unknowingly buy fakes since they don't really know much better or haven't done their research.
    get this, my bf's sister has a fake balenciaga that she knowingly and intentionally purchased as a fake and carries proudly!! it drives me crazy!!!
  10. Yes.. true.
    But.. there are legal issues with the purchase of fake bags. I'm not getting into that but I will say, some people pay damn good money for a "good" fake when, if they spent perhaps, $200 more, they could have a real one. I just don't get why ppl spent $600 for a fake one, that will fall apart, then spend the actual amount to get a real one that will last a life time.
    Its those ppl I don't get.
  11. Oh here we go again:roflmfao: . Can we just pull up old threads regauding this issue instead of constantly rehashing ?
  12. Couldn't have said it better!! ;) Also there's a difference between fakes and designer inspired bags. I don't see there's any problem with girls wearing the latter, which do not have the designers' names stamped all over and do not have the intention to pass them as actual $1000+ bags.
  13. as are many if us, i am aware of the issues and ramifications surrounding the sale and purchase of counterfeit merchandise.

    as for those who are willing to spend $ 600 for a fake but won't pay $ 800 odd for a real one, that's anyone's guess. maybe its a psychological price barrier? (i'll pay this, but not this...):hrmm:
  14. True.. that could be it.
    I mean I could understand that. I mean heck, I don't own a bbag (yet) because I just plain old can't afford it. It is expensive and right now I don't have the money to buy one, so I'll wait till I can afford to buy a real one. :smile:
  15. me too! I just saw FOUR today. I was at this shopping center of fashion boutiques. One had two city's... and another store two stores down had two clutches.. all terrible fakes too. They all went for $99.

    OH and two days ago my roommate took me to a store that sold "real items" 50% off. I went straight for the Chanel that listed as $990 and was half off for $445, and immediately, it felt like pleather. There was that fake tag hanging from it, and inside had the crispiest lining. I was sooo angry!!!

    but wat can we do? :sad:
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