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  1. This thread is to post fake/counterfeit Chloe so that we can report to eBay, and most importantly, to warn potential buyers about!

    Two caveats:
    1- this is not the place to ask questions as to authenticity. You must do that in the Authenticate This Chloe thread, or it will be deleted.
    2-don't give too much detail as to what makes it a fake- we don't want to help dubious sellers improve their counterfeit products.

    Any questions, just feel free to ask me (jag)!


    eBay.co.uk: CHLOE WHITE PADDINGTON BAG. AUTHENTIC. (item 200031390651 end time 29-Sep-06 19:15:00 BST)

    eBay.co.uk: Auth Chloe Paddington in Pure White, New 06 Hardware! (item 320033227409 end time 29-Sep-06 21:45:14 BST)

    Here's just a couple to be wary of..:cursing: :yucky: :hysteric:

    Please, i want you wonderful ladies to be careful - lets start getting these sellers off eBay!!:flowers:
  2. A great idea would be to include why they are fake.
  3. Yeah sure:flowers:

    If you look at all the above bags, the leather is much more stiff than it should be, a real paddy slouches in a way that only a paddy can.

    The prices don't reflect the price of a brand new, hard to find, designer bag (who would sell a £900 bag for £500...??)

    Sellers who have lots of the same style of bag, week in week out - that's a red flag. Even the big online stores like NAP, NM, BG etc don't have lots and lots of the same bag. Stock is limited.

    A real bag should have the oxidised hardware which has an almost 'dull' sheen to it. The fakes above all have that really shiny hardware which screams out at you from the picture.

    Hope this helps:smile:

  4. These ones I posted I first thought they were real, there's just something a bit weird in their shape that made me suspicious... and also the price. When I realized it's the same seller in both bags I checked her other items; she also had also black paddington which looked more fake to me than these 2 but they all had same prices... that's why I think they must be superfakes:s
    They almost fooled me!
  5. Staci that looks authentic to me, but I dont have a whiskey one myself so cant do comparison but I'd vote for authentic..?
  6. Thanks sonja, that helps!:flowers:

    It's always useful to check through a sellers feedback and/or other items, current or ended. This helps to determine whether they have other 'suspicious activities' going on and will help you to decide whether the seller can be trusted or not.

    Sellers who put sentences in their auctions such as 'This bag was a present from my boyfriend so i'm selling it at a low price for a quick and cheap sale' is one of the common excuses to get away with promoting a fake item.

    For a bag that still retails at around £900, you don't need a 'quick and cheap sale'. If it's genuine, it will reach it's market price, regardless.:yes:
  7. Omg how expensive fake..!!! I feel bad for the buyer :sad:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.