A Place for the FAKES!

  1. Please post fake merchandise in here, it's a great way to protect your friends and to get help reporting fakes on eBay!
  2. ^Dang, that's craziness. And selling fake tokis for around $120?!?!? NUTS. Don't these people know that they're making fakes that are totally noticable?? I mean come on...wrong qee, wrong bag styles, wrong hardware...wtf? It's funny how one..the item location is CHINA, but the person is from Australia? Hmm.
  3. I'm not seeing anything but silvertone hardware on that bag.....

    BTW this question should probably have been posted in the "Authenticate this.." thread. I think the purpose of this thread is to post definite fakes....
  4. STILL not seeing anything but silver hardware....
  5. The blue hardware is on the strap. The other one in the middle is silver. Is the seller on cr@ck? Don't they take a good look at the REAL ones to see what's actually on them? UGH. If you're going to make a fake, at least do it right, HAHAHHAHAHA. Poor person who bidded on it :sad: They walk away with another fake.
  6. Yes, that's the same one...? lol.

    That looks pretty blue to me. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked? lol.
  7. yeah that does. But when I look at it straight from eBay it sure doesn't. Scary.
  8. HAHAHAHHHAHAHA. If you view that side by side with some of the other pieces, some look blue and some look silver. I hope your eyes are all right :biggrin:
  9. Oh My Freaking Gosh. Those Are Horrible!!