A place for RM Clutches

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  1. I have searched TPF and couldnt find a reference thread for RM clutches. :shrugs:

    So park your clutches here! Feel free to add mod photos too as well as photos of how much it can hold!:upsidedown:

    PS: if in case there is already a thread like this feel free to merge! :yes:
  2. Ill start with what I have..


    White LEX

    How much it can hold


    Mod photo:
  3. The Rose..

    She's my favorite!!


  4. Here's my MAC - Persimmon! I so LOOOOVVVEE this bag!! It's truly a HOTT bag with an extra! extra! POP of color! :tup:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. My yellow suede clutch - not the best photo. I have a sterling lex in a box to be returned, but will post a photo first.


    I love this, but it needs to be fairly filled (not too hard) or it's a bit floppy.:smile:
  6. Thanks ACL!! I so love your MAC

    Anymore with RM clutches? Dont be shy! post it here!! :woohoo:
  7. I sooooo love this!!! Its a classic!!:drool:
  8. MA clutch in Red woven patent

  9. That red patent is gorgeous!
  10. Calling few823, manderz,desiprinzess718 :woohoo: and all those who have clutches!!

    please post them here!!
  11. I LOVE THIS!! :heart::heart: I wish I could get my hands on a MAC with old hardware!!!
  12. I'll just bring over my pics from the old bag directory thread.

    Cream old-school MAC:


  13. ^^ OMG!!! That is sooo yummy!!
  14. Silver Date clutch:


  15. Gahhh! That is the cream cluch I was just talking about in another thread. I knew there was one out there somewhere - fantastic!