A Pinterest board for my bags

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  1. OMG, right there with you!!! If they ever tallied up I would never hear the end of it. There are only so many double secret clearance events and thrift shop sales you can lie about :smile:

    I am pretty much at that point too. Sold most of my Coach bags that were sitting in the closet and took a big hit on them. I am done with the ebay thing too
  2. Love this idea and adore your bags!

    I think I am going to make myself a private one. Just so I can see what I have and decide what to use in outfits. I don't have a lot anymore since I have sold a bunch to buy my new collection - but I do have some balenciagas that my friends and family might criticize in regards to price.

    Easier for me to keep my weakness to myself - ha.

    I can see it being a very efficient thing to do though especially if you have a bunch of shoes or scarves or what not stored away. Kind of like a catalog of your own stuff to build outfits from.
  3. Wonderful collection. Thank you for the peek!!
  4. Oh totally, it's great for me to have this snapshot so I can see what I have to choose from easily.
  5. You’ve inspired me Jane! Ive made one of my own: My Bag Collection

    It is still a work in progress!
  6. Wow Miah, amazing diverse collection!
  7. +1000000 absolutely :love: the bottega venetas too! (And the coaches, and... and... :biggrin: )

    Thanks for sharing!! Great collection!
  8. Beautiful collection
  9. Perfect! I'm a Pinterest addict but my Handbag OCD board is a mix of own and wish 😄 now I'm going to follow your lead and make a board of my collection. Great idea, thanks for sharing!