A pill question

  1. Correct me if i'm wrong, but supposedly for best protection you're meant to take it at the same time each day... yes?

    If that is so, and when I first went on it, I took it at 7, but then 7 became a very inconvenient time for me so I started taking it more at 11/12 (I have a 12 hour limit), does that mean the 'correct time' for taking the pill has started to become 11/12? I have been taking it at that time for the past month or so.

    I would rather stick to one time obviously, but if I started at 7 does that mean 7 is the 'correct' time? I am so confused.

    I'm also sorry if my question makes no sense, it's so hard to explain. If you want me to clarify anything don't hesitate to ask.
  2. theres no "correct time". just pick one time that works for you and stick to it. if you want to try out a new time, start it on week one
  3. I didn't think it was more effective... I thought that taking it at the same time each day was to get you into a routine so you wouldn't forget it? I always take mine while I'm putting in my contacts, doing my makeup and hair, etc. But I don't think it's less effective if I take it in the evening because I forgot it that morning.
  4. my obgyn says its more effective. and if you read the material that comes with it, they say you should. but im no expert :smile:
  5. I would say yes, the "correct time" for you now is 11/12ish. it technically is supposed to be 24 hours from the last time that you took it, so if you've been doing it at that time for the past month, keep that going.
  6. You're fine taking it at your new time. You don't HAVE to take it every day at the EXACT SAME TIME. I take mine when I go to bed, but my bedtime can vary anywhere between 9pm and 2am. I just take it before I lay down and I've never had problems with it. I've been on the pill for over 10 years and no worries.

    Docs and even the pill companies themselves use an Over-Exagerated Scare technique because there are some many people that would forget to take it period (no pun intended :p), so they go one step beyond, hoping that you will effectively take it around the same time every time.

    You said you've been taking it at 11, so then stick with whatever works best for you!!! :tup:
  7. Hooray! I thought this too but I just wanted to clarify.

    Then again, from 7 to 11 only 4 hours, which is why I took a while to start fretting. I don't even know why I am... job stress lol?

    Thanks everyone!