A Pilgrimage.....would you be interested?

  1. I see the H ladies are doing a meet in Paris next year so wondered if you guys would be interested in doing the same.

    What do you say A pilgrimage to the Mothership?

    I was thinking maybe July-August 08 that's roughly when the sales are on (not that effects Vuitton) it's also almost a year away so lots of time to plan and save

    just tossing idea's around thoughts & opinions welcomed
  2. OMG i sooo would go!!!
    That would be totally fun,
    I would love to do that!
  3. Please may I join, even though I'm a boy - lol.

  4. of course!
  5. Claire, I too have been thinking about this and Im 100% up for this. Can we get a flight together ??...wouldnt that be fun LOL :p
  6. Im a boy too, so ur not alone LOL :p
  7. what a great idea!!! I'm already in france but I would love to meet you all!!!
  8. Wow that would be fun! Have to start polishing up on my French!
  9. I think it would be fun, maybe I'll join up too.

    (but surely Eurostar would be cheaper?)
  10. Gosh, I wish I could.. I live in the outback and it's enough of a pilgrimage for me to drive to the Brisbane store 850kms away.. :blink:

    Sounds a fabulous idea, though. :tup:

  11. if we booked early enough easyjet would only be about 1p + taxes
  12. Oh yes please join, it would be great to have some travel buddys LOL. Isnt Eurostar around £100 ?? Im not too sure on the prices but a flight is only around £120, possibly even less.
  13. haha too funny, I hope so :p
  14. just did a quick check only goes up to march so far but price is between £20-£50 each way on easyjet
  15. That would be so lovely to meet TPF members around the world!