A piece of sunshine arrived from Hawaii today....

  1. she is a beauty!!

    I love Aloha Rag's tissue paper.
  2. but the box underneath it holds my new baby.........
  3. what is it???????????? dying to see it
    violet? marigold?
  4. Time to let it breath after the long journey....
  5. I am getting giddy all over again, just writing this. :yahoo:
  6. I wanna see now!!!!! I think it's Marigold twiggy HEEHEE
  7. And here she debuts!

    Seriously, the color is amazing! I already wore her out this afternoon. I love how it looks with basic black.
    y6.JPG y7.JPG y8.JPG
  8. ack!!
    be merciful!!!

    SHOW US THE BBAG!!! :graucho:
  9. :huh:OH HOw CUTE!!:nuts: she looks great on yah!!
  10. It's gorgeous Rebecca!!!! The more I see it......the mor I contemplate buying it! GAH!!! I wonder if AR will get more in?
  11. If anyone is on the fence about this color; I say go for it! I am soo happy with it.

    How hot is this bag??
  12. The leather looks really good too!!! Stop teasing me with the modelling pics LOL
  13. I heard that they WILL be getting more in. It does not get better than AR; I live in NYS, so to buy from Balenciaga, NY is like throwing a few hundered dollars away on taxes. I can't believe how fast it took...I had just sent them an email this morning about the status of my bag. I was in total shock when Fed Ex delivered the box.
  14. Hmmm...maybe if I don't find a turquoise by then I'll spring for this...especially with the 3% off too!!!
  15. WOW 'R' Becca..... :nuts: she's breathtaking :drool::yahoo:!! I'm so happy for you :heart: !
    Thank you for sharing - I especially love your modeling-pics :tup: