A Piece of Bal History...Pre-Moto Line BIN 549 SB449

Thanks LP! Yeah, this is definitely the real deal - it is so interesting to see the original flat brass hardware on this bag from way back when! This one actually also came directly from Italy, and is just a pretty cool piece of history -- the tags are really one of a kind to me, I just love the wording, and it is so cool to see the motorcycle inspiration before the moto that we know today was actually produced!

I actually was given one of the old Loehmann's bags, so it is really funny that you mention those. It's a pretty odd bag, that I have at this point thrown to the back of my closet since there is not much else I can do with it :lol:. It's definitely verrrry different from this one - silver flat hardware, etc, definitely not the same species as the authentic bags that came from the factory in Italy. ;)