a picture that made you say wow

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  1. Hey Sonya....I have one, although not fashion related. A friend of mine took this pic during her travels. I love it!

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  2. Annemerrick, WOW! I was in Istanbul 10 days over the summer and never saw anything like that!
  3. I know....I really love it! I think it is so gorgeous....thinking of having it blown up and framed!
  4. she is very cute! i like her boyish haircut.

    for me, it's the style blogger Luxirare!
  5. I don't actually like her other photos that much, but that one with the peacoat is just adorable.
  6. I got the Sartorialist book for Christmas (the limited edition hardcopy signed version!!) and there were so many images in there that just made me want to look and look at the pictures.

  7. so true! everything luxirare stuns me!
  8. Christine Centenera

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  9. #13 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    i just learned at alexander mcqueen was found dead today. i had to come back here and post. i scanned this thread and looked at this picture only yesterday... he will be missed by so many....

  10. I was so shocked and upset when I heard that. I really wanted him to make a dress for me one day in the future. He is my favorite designer. He is one of a kind. :sad: Many designers today held a tribute to him at fashion week.