A picture speaks a thousand words......

  1. and thank GOD because I'm speachless.........................

    SHE'S FINALLY HOME!!!!!! :heart:
  2. Oh lordy.....more pics later when I can take a shot of her in the right light! She's such a gorgeous shade of rich chocolate! And she's got a fantastic croc lovered cadena and key cloche and everything is beyond perfect and WHO was the woman who owned her years ago because from what I can tell she NEVER took this baby OUT!

    ....oh dear God I've found my voice again.........
  3. OMG! ShopMom, she is sooooo beautiful!!! I think Empress Kelly is definitely THE title for her.
  4. :party: ****GASP****!! I can't wait for more pictures -- that is one AMAZING bag!!! Worth the wait, D!!!!!
  5. Wow!!!! Stunning doesn't begin to describe her!!!! Congrats!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  6. I just logged in....to this?!?!:nuts: D., she is just DEVINE!!!! I have no other words, except:

    :drinkup: :drinkup: :party:
  7. OMG! OMG! THUD!

    I am down here..... on the floor.... gasping:sos:... it is BEYOND GORGEOUS D! :love::nuts:
  8. :flowers: Beautiful! Congratulations! :love:
  9. reunited!!!!
    you know we want more pics.
  10. Oh, my Friends! Thank you for being so wonderful and sitting out the wait with me....she's been a long time coming! More pics later because she deserves Shopmom to at least have some decent clothes on and oh, I don't know maybe a pair of swanky shoes too.

    did i read it right??? pre-owned??? lucky you! price tag (if you don't mind me asking)??
  12. Beautiful girl!!!! And more pics please asap!! congrats - what a wait!
  13. Breathtaking :nuts: Congraaaaatulations! Looooks soo elegant!!!! More pics plzz!
  14. YAY D!! You finally got your baby!! It's beyond TDF! :love:
  15. PAZT........28cm Cocoan (?) Porosus Croc Kelly with gold hardware circa somewhere in the 1950's.

    Interestingly it has "Hermes Paris" engraved on both gold closures....so which ever side goes over the other when you close it, the lettering shows. Little details.....I love the little details!